Wednesday, 8 October 2008


Hello girlies! I am SO SORRY for the lack of posts. Here is an update. I am in Kolkata now with hubby and family. Last moment plans as we thought best to take a holiday and spend time with family and friends, make sure he is sufficiently rested and can recover. Thank you so much for your wishes and support ladies!

This is the best time to be in Kolkata, it is Durga Puja (Festival worshipping the Goddess Durga) and my heart is full with what I am experiencing here up and close, more so because this was completely unplanned. The visuals, the fantabulous food and the cultural programmes....ohhh!

I want to also share with you this! The wonderful Cristine from blisschick made my day... thank you Christine. She gives me so much more credit than I deserve.

Love and hugs to all my friend and I will post pics of the Puja soon.

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