Thursday, 28 January 2010


One of you readers informed me on this blog a few weeks back that one of my paintings have been used for a book cover. I had no idea and initially thought this might have been a confusion. However, more confirmations from the reader(s) and subsequent googling led to us finding this:

The book is called ''That Calcutta Those Bongs'' by
the very well known publishing house Rupa Publications.
All my work is protected by a Creative Commons License
that is mentioned right on top of the blog.
Any use of my images without an authorization from me is not permissible.
Anyway, a result of this unfortunate and unnecessary development means that I will be watermarking all my work from now on....
something that I really dislike doing.
I will be writing to Rupa & Co. about this and post updates for you.
A BIG thank you to all of you readers who informed me about this.
What would I do without you guys?!

Thursday, 14 January 2010

The ''Batua''

Title: ''Batua'' (or the little pouch bag)
Medium: Acrylic
Size: 18cm x 24cm
The 'Batua' or the little pouch was a bit of a fashion statement in the olden times.
It was used to carry money, betel leaves or 'paan' or other valuables.
My grandmother had quite a collection of these, in a myriad of colours and materials;
some made of velvet and gold embroidery, some were beaded and yet some others
that would have been handcrafted from beautifully hand-printed colourful Indian fabric.
Here is a beautiful example of the batua.

I have been doing quite a bit of shopping in this winter-sale season and
I think she is going shopping too, all made up and
carrying her little fashion statement with her!!
She is wearing the 'Taant' or Bengali handloom saree in the traditional style of drape
with a puff-sleeved blouse to go with it. The black and white checkered floor is also quite a significant design element in the old 'Banedi' Bengali houses.
This painting is not up for sale but I will make prints available at the shop soon.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

snowy update

let me take you through snowy Geneva...

holding up
As we stepped out yesterday, to our surprise, she greeted us, right in front our building

There is a primary school in the neighbourhood, now the swing is quiet

It was wonderfully bright today, after a blizzard yesterday evening, I wasn't the only one who came out to enjoy the snow in the sun....

Right in front of a series of cafés, which, to my surprise, were all open
(in Geneva, most places shut down) and full
I was so tempted to take snaps of people inside these warmly lit pretty places
but realized that I am too shy to be a good photo-journalist :(

So, got snaps of the cars on the street right in front, instead...

where I ship out from....
Here is the post office, where all your prints and paintings are shipped out from :)

I have never lived in a place that saw this much of snow .... it is quite something

can you see the mountains at the back, we are not very far away

''un...deux...trois...'' and a collective push
and passers by kept gathering and trying to help.....
several times .......but no luck till then.....
took this snap rather nervously and felt guilty about it

well, some others, were doing just fine, moving around with a dollop on top

and this, my friend, is my pick from what I got this weekend
.....some people sure know how to matter what!!!

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