Tuesday, 24 May 2011

কি জানি কিসের লাগি প্রাণ করে হায় হায়

Medium :Acrylics
Support: Gallery wrapped canvas
Finished with gloss and matte varnish
Size: 18cm x 24cm

The text in Bengali says: 'কি জানি কিসের লাগি প্রাণ করে হায় হায়'
- the last two lines in a Tagore poem, roughly translating to:
''I know not why....for what I long
Why my heart does so cry.''

You can hear (and see) the song
in this video below, which is a beautiful scene

In this context, I have to share with you the poster of this 60's film,
that I absolutely love, that has Ray's artwork on it.

Inspiration for one little detail: the tiles on the wall are inspired by these walls
in my maternal aunt's Kolkata home.

It has almost been a couple of months that I didn't blog.
I was slightly pre-occupied with some other engagements.
The Kaamdhenu painting is with my printer
for over a month. I usually deposit the painting
(especially the larger ones) with my wonderful
and very trusted scanner/designer/printer
in town and usually hear back in a day or two to collect.
He has not been reachable since, his office is closed and unreachable
on all the phone numbers of him that I have.
Pablo, if you are reading this, pls call back.
I hope you are OK, safe and in good health.

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