Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Geneva Puja preparations

It is that time of the year again,
when we welcome and bring home Maa Durga in our hearts,
no matter how far we may be from our homes.
We tuned in to Kolkata LIVE radio through our laptops,
to listen to AIR broadcast of Mahishashur Mardini by Birendra Krishna Bhadra
for Mahalaya at 12:30 am, Geneva time,
what better way to commence the festivities!
The photos in this post were taken on the last day of
decorations; this year, we put together a very pretty backdrop
with Bengali sarees (handlooms and silks, with gold work on them).
The textiles used are all in shades of the most festive Indian reds,
with green and yellow accents.
Here is a closer look at some of the figures,
starting with Maa Lokkhi (Lakshmi), the Goddess of Wealth:
Maa Saraswati (The Goddess of Knowledge and Learning);
Lakshmi and Saraswati are the two daughters of Durga:
Mahishasura (love how dramatic his face is in every rendition):
Lord Kartik (one of the two sons of Durga, Lord Ganesha beinf the other)
Closer look at the decorations:
Hand crafted chaandmalas (Bengali: chaand - moon, mala - garland),
these are traditional adornments,
also hung for the Mother's hands, one of the essentials of the puja.

Let me also share with you this video,
sent to me by Halley Goswami from Kolkata.
Halley is a very talented and very young self-taught artist
who makes Durga idols from the scratch every year at home for the puja.
Brilliant work!
For those of you who wish to attend the puja in Geneva,
here are the details:
Avenue d’Aire 63
CH-1203 Geneva
(Junction of Avenue d’Aire and Avenue des Eidguenots)
Tel. +41-22-3407807
(Public transport: bus # 27, 7; Bus stop: Camille Martin)
For further queries, feel free to email me at happydithi@gmail.com
Date and time: 15th october, 2010, Puja begins at 18:45 hours.
More photos soon.

Monday, 11 October 2010

Times Of India Durgotsav 2010 Campaign

Very happy to be part of the 2010 Durgotsav (Mumbai) campaign for
one of the leading newspapers in India, the Times of India.
Image, below, from today's newspaper.
Thank you Kaushal and Taproot for your support,
love your rendition. Take a look at their 2009 campaign as well, real nice!
What better pujo gift for me than this, happy girl!
Thank you.

Sunday, 10 October 2010


Friday, 8 October 2010

The Lonely Parrot

Was a little gift for someone.
(pencil on paper)
A bit of a self-portrait.

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