Saturday, 28 February 2009

''Amrita Devi'': new video and painting

Last week, I stumbled upon this beautiful photograph (on Claude Renault 's) FlickR of a ''Bishnoi'' woman from Rajasthan. I was intrigued enough about these rural women to do my own little www research. This is what I found. 

The Bishnois can be called the first environmentalists of India. They have been religiously following rules of environment and wild life protection and conservation since 1485, when environmentalist saint Guru Jambeshwar made it part of the Bishnoi religion by incorporating two cardinal rules: "you shall not cut green trees", "you shall be compassionate to all living beings". 

It was incredible to read the life story of Amrita Devi and how she started the ''Chipko'' movement. The video narrates the story. I painted her using Claude's photograph as my reference.

''Amrita Devi''
Acrylic on stretched gallery wrapped canvas
30 cm x 50 cm

The gold shines and the change of light make sthe painting look different,
here is a snap in full bright day light.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Deezden featured in Etsy 'India Treasury' + snapshots from the weekend

It is 4:03 am now and no, I am not a morning person.
Just a bad dream and that is why I got up and logged on to my gmail, 
to find that my Etsy shop has been featured in the ''India'' treasury today!
Click on the image below to see the Treasury selection:

This selection was put together by fellow Etsian ''Nitca''

Here is what I have been up to over the weekend:

Made these tags in orange, yellow and green 
over the weekend for my Etsy products
and printed out my cards on a beautiful textured card paper.

Sunday afternoon, we had a very enjoyable tea-adda (adda is a very popular Bengali word meaning 'Chit-Chat', also used in HIndi). We had two of our friends join us. We discussed art and debated movies, over cups of ''chai''s and ''forest fruit infusion''s!

This is what I put together, with pesto, garlic cheese and cherry tomato slices!

And these delicate cuties were picked up from our local grocery store,
creamy and herbilicious cheese picks!

I am on my new painting as well as
working on sketches for a terrific commission.
Thanks for all the comments on my last post,
here as well as over at Vineeta's.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Featured on Vineeta's Artnlight!

This has got to me my lucky day! I have mentioned Vineeta's fantastic blog 

Artnlight before, a fantastic place where you are sure to find great design and
decor ideas, featured artists, fabulous photographic documentation of her extensive travels.

Vineeta has posted the sweetest article on my work, where she 
has carefully put together a selection of all my work 
(right from my older mixed media pieces and ''Illustration Friday'' work)
up to the latest 'Garhwali bride' series!
Click on the image below to go the article:
I just felt super pampered (read: I just got a ''Jaadu ki Jhappi' or the Magical Super Mother-of-all hugs) with that post.
And as if this wasn't enough of being spoilt already, she made another 
post today on our Geneva home!!!! Click on the jars below to read it:
Now you know why I called it a SUPER Sunday!!
Thank you Vineeta, as I said, this is PRECIOUS :!

Thursday, 19 February 2009

n the WINNER is........

CONGRATULATIONS Dolon from ''The maddening haven'' ! (mail me your postal address at and I shall ship 'Ganesha' print off asap!)

BIG KIIIIISSSS n HUG to all who participated, I got the best messages this birthday, you guys made it SOOOOOO special!!! THANK YOU XOXOXOX!!



Saturday, 14 February 2009

Deez Birthday GIVE AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I turn 30 today:)! Yesterday, my friends completely spoilt me,
we had gone out for lunch together after French class and had a splendid time.
By bag is very heavy every morning with notes, my dictionary, an an occassional umbrella.
So, I did not carry my camera and could not post pics from yesterday, 
except for these flowers that Stephanie (she is a lovely friend n our teacher)brought! 
Thank you guys, you make life in Geneva memorable :)!

This year has given me reason to celebrate. I started blogging aroung May 2008, found amazing friends through Deezden. I started my FlickR gallery, Youtube channel and Etsy shop as well. Youtube was an accident as I had no idea that I would have subscribers when I made my first video, which was just a thank you note for Suziblu. 
Youtube has 153 subs and my Etsy is giggling with her 99 hearts this valentine!

This is what I want to say to all of you: Every time to visit my blog, everytime you post a feedback, and even if you dont, everytime you come back to say hi, you give me love and reassurance. THANK YOU for being there for me, for my work.

To celebrate the little joys (that are anything but little so far as dee is concerned) of 2008,
It is the print of ''Bringing home Ganesha'' on  a beautiful
250 gm/sqm. non-toxic, heat-resistant, archival A4 paper!
Image measures 6 inch x 6 inch app. 
All our endeavours in India begin with a prayer for Him, He is worshipped before everyone else, He removes all hurdles, all negativity and brings prosperity.
Leave me a comment on this post before 9 p.m. (Geneva Time) Wednesday, Feb 18th, 2009!!!! 
I shall enter your name for the draw Wed night and announce the winner in the next post.
MERCI et BON CHANCE à tous!!!
LOVE you.
Have a great Valentine's!

Friday, 13 February 2009

BlogTalkRadio with Connie!

Connie from Dirtyfootprintsstudio has started this fun show on Blogtalkradio that airs every Sunday morning at 9:00 am (Mountain Time). I am so excited to get to be one of the sponsors for her next show! 

I have been following her show and must say that the artists' interviews, discussions, question and answer sessions on her show : just the kind of thing I enjoy on a Sunday morning with my cup of Darjeeling!

Connie has been a constant source of encouragement for me and many fellow bloggers and artists and the first thing that came across when I first met her on blogger was her warmth, maturity and goodness.  She is a very talented artist, art teacher and Etsian.

What is even more fun, for me personally, is that she is interviewing my lovely friend (and one of the first collectors of my art) Jennifer from Gallerygirljen and the super talented Corrine from Jafabrit'sArt this Sunday morning, 15th of Feb. 

You can get all the details of the show here! (You can call, you can chat or just listen to these terrific women talk about art and inspiration).So, get your morning cuppa and join us on blogtalk this Sunday! 

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Deezden Featured

Thanks to Vineeta (from Artnlight)'s post on Fernanda's beautiful blog, I found Tudo de Om. Fernanda's love for India clearly shows through in the way she has constructed and designed her blog, which in itself is a treasure chest full of stunning finds, with a strong Indian flavour, be it art or home decor or  yoga. 

I felt completely pampered to find out that Fernanda had featured 'Deezden' on her 'Tudo de Om', within a couple of days of us meeting through Vineeta! Here is the post.

Thank you Fernanda and congratulations on your beautiful blog. 

This weekend, Deezden is going to be eventful and I promise, you won't be dissapointed with what you will get my friends! So, stay tuned, you don't want to miss this ;)!



Friday, 6 February 2009

The nose-ring trip!

''Moment of truth''
Mixed media (Acrylic on collage) on stretched canvas
15 cm x 15 cm 

''Bride and parrot''
Mixed media (Acrylic on collage) on stretched canvas 
18 cm x 24 cm 
*will be listed on Etsy soon*

''Alvida'' / ''Goodbye''
Mixed media (Acrylic on collage) on stretched canvas 
20 cm x 20 cm 
*will be listed on Etsy soon*

I think some of these ladies will go up on my banner.
Bon weekend à tous.

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