Sunday, 22 February 2009

Featured on Vineeta's Artnlight!

This has got to me my lucky day! I have mentioned Vineeta's fantastic blog 

Artnlight before, a fantastic place where you are sure to find great design and
decor ideas, featured artists, fabulous photographic documentation of her extensive travels.

Vineeta has posted the sweetest article on my work, where she 
has carefully put together a selection of all my work 
(right from my older mixed media pieces and ''Illustration Friday'' work)
up to the latest 'Garhwali bride' series!
Click on the image below to go the article:
I just felt super pampered (read: I just got a ''Jaadu ki Jhappi' or the Magical Super Mother-of-all hugs) with that post.
And as if this wasn't enough of being spoilt already, she made another 
post today on our Geneva home!!!! Click on the jars below to read it:
Now you know why I called it a SUPER Sunday!!
Thank you Vineeta, as I said, this is PRECIOUS :!


Connie said...

Dee, your home is so lovely and warm...I can see you in each nuance and special touch. I can smell the scent of chai and curry..and I can feel the energy of your paintings vibrating through the rooms!!! You are such a beautiful soul.

Peace & Love.

Dithi said...

Thank you Connie-pie :)! Wish you could join me in person for a cup of chai and a masala-curry dinner ! Some day ! Love. d.

Micki said...

I just found your blog today and I love it, can't wait to read some more about what you do, your art is fab!

Micki x

~ ॐ ~ said...

ye !!!!


vineeta said...

Dithi, you are the sweetest! & you deserve all of this & more :) big hug!

Chandan said...

Hey Dee, Love your home and work.!

Anonymous said...

Your home is beautiful! It was also good to see the artist behind the paintings. I have come across your paintings of the lady with the big, soulful eyes on Etsy and have loved them. Great work!

Dithi said...

Micki: Thank you for visiting, hope to see you around :)!

Prashant: Yay!

Chandan: Glad!

Aditi: Glad to have you here. I just hopped over to your blog, will watch out, looks very interesting! Thank you!

Dithi said...

Vineeta: Thanks to your beautiful post my mom and dad and my entire family got to see my home through that very sensitive lens of yours.

nikheel said...

Home as well as blog:)

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