Monday, 29 September 2008

The red tufted Cockatoo

Inspired by a Bengali rhyme about the ''Red Tufted Cockatoo'' 
(who is on a whim to get a red ribbon, a comb and a mirror!)
I wrote the rhyme in Bengali script in the painting and used a gold backdrop with a subtle crackle antiqued finish. (I have increased the contrast in the close up, not sure if  the crackle can be seen very well). I will be listing it in the next couple of days.
Thanks for all the wishes, Arnab is coping up. 
I recieved the book I won on ebay some time back, 
The biography of Frida  by Hayden Herrera.
I think I should start with the doll tomorrow.
Hope you guys had a great weekend.
Love to my lovely readers.
à bientôt!

Friday, 26 September 2008


Jane's Grittyartsstudio doll workshop is super fun! I finished my first doll, I have used Jane's doll pattern for this one. I totally enjoyed making her and now I am off to make the next one with my own pattern. Will post pics soon, hopefully.
I am sorry about the lack of posts lately, hubby is not keeping too well, so dee is busy  pampering him! How have you guys been? 
Love and hugs mes amies!

Monday, 15 September 2008


I made some changes to the mr. and now it is up on etsy. 

Friday, 12 September 2008

Happy to be alive, 2 new paintings, busy weekend ahead!

Last two days were scary a well as exciting. What is being called the biggest experiment in the history of mankind, is underway at CERN (European Organisation for Nuclear Research),  very close to where we are. The 'Big Bang' experiment, where particle physicists are trying to recreate conditions right after the big bang.

If you are thinking 'why is dee posting on particle physics instead of her new artwork?!', here is the answer. This experiment has been highly debated because some scientists have suggested that there is a possibility of the creation of 'micro black-holes' that could potentially lead to a catastrophic end of our planet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Though the head honchos at CERN reassured that nothing of that nature is possible, everyone was, and probably still is, anxious about the final outcome. Only time will tell. 

Well, I am glad we are still alive and haven't been sucked into a terrible earthquake or something! Phew!

Moving on to my new paintings, I think this theme was a direct result of the fact that two of my very dear Bengali friends are getting married this year. The paintings depict an elderly Bengali couple, probably the groom's parents at the wedding. The lady carries a decorative platter of ornamented  fish which is supposed to be auspicious and an essential part of the initial wedding ceremony.

The two canvases measure 20 cm x 20 cm each and will be sold as a couple!
Mango leaves and flower garland s on both sides adorn the set up for the ceremony.
I plan to put all my recent paintings up on etsy by this weekend.
 ''Nani's Lullaby'' and ''Ganeshji'' have already been sold, I will list the rest.

Jane's cloth and clay doll workshop starts next week, I got myself a sewing machine and a scanner/ printer, so I will be starting off with prints for the shop soon.
Will attempt to learn the basics of sewing so that I am not a mess at the workshop, LOL!

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

For Vicki

Dear Vicki, heal well and quick. Take good care mon amie.

Friday, 5 September 2008

''Bringing home Ganesha''

I miss living in Mumbai, the noise and chaos, the very loud and colourful presence of hindi movies, the long drives through the city in the dead of the night ....the energy, the madness, the warmth, the spirituality, the devotion, the dynamism. And I miss the city even more at this time of the year, where the calender marks the beginning of the festive season.

Ganesh Chaturthi is probably the biggest festival in Mumbai. It is 10 day long. Everyone brings home their ganesh with a lot of affection and devotion, he is worshipped, offered delicious sweets, entertained with devotional songs.

The painting carries a distinct Mumbai flavour. Let me explain. The lady is dressed in traditional marathi (largest community in Mumbai) style, characterised by the border of the saree (typical of the local handloom weave and design), the jewellery, the style of flowers in her hair and the way she wears her bindi on the forehead.

The work on the walls behind her depict the popular folk art from the region, Warli. Little Ganesha is inspired by the famous and most powerful Siddhivinayak .

I must admit I do not like it when he is referred to as the elephant God, probably because there is so much affection and love wrapping up that name Ganesha or Ganpati.

The 'Nimbu-mirchi' (Lime and Chillies) hanging on the upper right hand side is a common sight in Mumbai, it is believed to ward off evil spirits, I find it particularly cute and colourful. The mango leaves are hung in that fashion on almost every auspicious occassion in India.

''Ganpati bappa maurya''

Have a fun weekend. Love. Dee.

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Fly your kite!!

(Photographs by Meena Kadri )

''Makar Sankranti'' or the kite flying festival is celebrated in mid-winter, to mark the beginning of the harvest season. We go up on to terraces and fly our kites with abandon. A couple of hours into the celebrations, the sky is filled with colour and it is spectacular!!

The idea is to try and cut other kites down , it is a fun competition. The strings are lined with very fine glass bits that make it easier to cut into other kite strings. So, you have to be very careful while flying and handling the kite strings which is probably why you wouldn't find too many girls indulge.

But then, there are girls like dee and her friend prom who would not miss the chance to give the boys around a run for their kites!!

The painting makes me smile, makes me crave all the delicious coconut and jaggery filled dimsum-like steamed sweetmeats that mom prepares this day....yummmmmmm!!!
I had a hard time posting this because our internet connection would go off every 5 mins.
(Swisscom is coming in tomorrow to fix the problem.)
Anyway, am glad that i finally managed to put it up.
Thanks Tammy and to all of you for suggesting this theme.
Love you guys.

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