Friday, 5 September 2008

''Bringing home Ganesha''

I miss living in Mumbai, the noise and chaos, the very loud and colourful presence of hindi movies, the long drives through the city in the dead of the night ....the energy, the madness, the warmth, the spirituality, the devotion, the dynamism. And I miss the city even more at this time of the year, where the calender marks the beginning of the festive season.

Ganesh Chaturthi is probably the biggest festival in Mumbai. It is 10 day long. Everyone brings home their ganesh with a lot of affection and devotion, he is worshipped, offered delicious sweets, entertained with devotional songs.

The painting carries a distinct Mumbai flavour. Let me explain. The lady is dressed in traditional marathi (largest community in Mumbai) style, characterised by the border of the saree (typical of the local handloom weave and design), the jewellery, the style of flowers in her hair and the way she wears her bindi on the forehead.

The work on the walls behind her depict the popular folk art from the region, Warli. Little Ganesha is inspired by the famous and most powerful Siddhivinayak .

I must admit I do not like it when he is referred to as the elephant God, probably because there is so much affection and love wrapping up that name Ganesha or Ganpati.

The 'Nimbu-mirchi' (Lime and Chillies) hanging on the upper right hand side is a common sight in Mumbai, it is believed to ward off evil spirits, I find it particularly cute and colourful. The mango leaves are hung in that fashion on almost every auspicious occassion in India.

''Ganpati bappa maurya''

Have a fun weekend. Love. Dee.


Tammy said...

Delightfully colorful with gorgeous detail. This is very pretty.

jennifer said...

dee you are working so fast and the details on the girls and ganesha is so wonderful. How big are these?

Dee said...

Jen, these are 20cm x 20 cm. I know I am almost possessed rt now, have already made sketches for the next 6 painting!

bLu eYd YoGi said...

are you going to be selling these new ones?!?! i want one! they ROCK!

paintedskywoman said...

Lovely. I particularly like the sides of the piece.

Dee said...

Erica, I am going to list these on etsy in a couple of days, will keep you posted on that. Two have already been reserved (Nani's lullaby n Ganesha), the rest are available. Ciao. Dee.

lola said...

Me encantan tus pinturas!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful India, beautiful paintings!! Love them Dee :)

Connie said...

Hi Dee!

I am starting a blog-wide candle vigil for Vicki from Nolly Posh blog in honor of her and in support of her surgery this 9-11. Please come to my blog and click on the candle and add one to your blog too.

Peace & Love.

Mitu said...

Lovely paintings.. so colorful.

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