Friday, 30 January 2009

The Garhwali bride

I visited Indian yarn  yesterday and was fascinated by the photograph in this post about the Garhwalies of the Himalayas.There are several other striking images on this blog. Here is the photograph that inspired me:

Her nose-ring is so impressive and makes such a great subject.
I had to paint the Garhwali bride. Here is my rendition:

 15 cm x 15 cm 
Acrylic on stretched canvas
She has a beautiful antique stain.
I am going to dwell on this subject for a while. 
Can't get over the nose-ring, I simply LOVE it.
Bon weekend à tous.

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

New listing!

First of all, a big hug n thanks to all of you for the feedback on my last post. It was interesting reading your pick of words for each of the portraits. In fact, I changed some of the titles while listing after reading your comments

I added the patterned blocks to this series. I named them ''Patra'', or ''Leaf'' in Sanskrit. They combine very well with the probably going to make many more of these in different colours. Simple design, striking colours. 

It is past 9:00 pm here, I have no clue what dinner is gonna be like,but hey I did manage to finish my Etsy listing! :)!!!!

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Darlings of Jan!

I finished these lovelies yesterday! I plan to add three more canvases to this series with just patterns and block prints in strong colours that can be combined with these portraits and placed next to each other.

It is great fun working on these super cute mini canvases. 
These measure 15 cm x 15 cm (about 6 x 6 inch). 
Take a closer look.....
Below each painting, I am adding a word that comes to my mind when I see that particular portrait.


(I did a  collage patchwork before painting her,
so this one has a beautiful texture.)

(This has a beautiful rich, warm antique-y gold.)


Here is what I would love to know:
What's on your mind when you see the portraits? One word for each.

I want to add some text around the canvas edges in Bengali, may be a Tagore poem or a song.
I am sending these images to dad to seek his help, he will know exactly what to write!
Will post again once they are 'texted' and varnished (will list them on etsy soon)!
Have a bright Tuesday!

Monday, 26 January 2009

La baigneuse (The bather)

Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Dimensions: 20 cm x 50 cm
Blogger has compressed in once more(click on image to view full size)

It reminds me of the vintage Bengali calenders 
that would hang in Thamma (our Grandmom)'s room.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009


Monday, 19 January 2009

''Forest of love''

Acrylic on stretched canvas
50 cm x 20 cm (app)

I tried so that the main page shows the full size image of around 800 pixels,
but blogger is compressing it every time I publish it :(
Any ideas on how I can post a larger image?
You need to click on the image to see the actual sized photograph.
Have a great week ahead!

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Timeless India

I found this video last night. Stunning photography, terrific music by Zakir Hussain and Sultan Khanji, narration: well, I found most of it wonderful.
It is 6:45 in the morning, I have a headache, need to do my homework, get ready and go to class.
Will post a new painting soon, hopefully. 
Enjoy the video!

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Little yellow bird

Canvas measures 20 cm x 20 cm.

Friday, 9 January 2009

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Passing it on to 'Fabulous' people!

Before anything, let me give you guys a BIG THANK YOU HUG! I was thrilled to find out that so many of you liked the vin chaud post and, probably, made some at home! I am no expert at that, but mine tasted just the way I wanted it to. How did yours go?


The ''addictions''!!! so, as it turns out, we fab ladies do share some of these fab addictions!! I do need to nominate 5 people to pass on this award, this is the part that I dread, frankly. I mean, there are so many of you, MUCH more deserving bloggers than Mme. 'D', how can I choose? 


Anyway, I am selecting a few bloggers whose recent posts have touched my life, made a difference to the way I think and look at things:


1. Vineeta's blog: artnlight. What an interesting blog! Such a passionate coming together of design, colour and photography in a fusion that educates and entertains. She takes us on a charming odessey of art discovery, weaving through both--the commonplace and the exotic (to her it matters little as long as it creates art!)--in a delicate, fashionable way and with so much heart. And this is what makes her journey her destination. The blog is a classy treat for a lover of art and design and i am really, really happy having found it. Keep nourishing it, Vineeta, for my sake! 


2. Archana's blog Rang :The Colours of Life. ''Rang'', as most of you would know already, means ''Colour'' in Hindi, also in Bengali for that matter. That words precisely describes Archana'sability to see colour and beauty in the simplest of things in life. I love spending hours on herFlickR as well. In fact, she has a blog dedicated to the glorious of a Cup of chai, what a treat that is, tea drinking irrespective! A cup of tea on my desk and Archana's extraordinary style of capturing the drink in all it's beauty! And as if this wasn't pampering enough, we are presented an amazing third, Rangdecor, a celebration of Indian design and decor. Arch, you  show me how one can discover life in every little corner, celebrate every cup of steaming tea..... the magic of capturing a moment and making it blossom.


3. Chandan's blog: Girlabouthome is an artistic  documentation of  her life, her perspectives, her love for beauty in the home. Another super place to find great photography and neat home arrangements. I see a mélange of Indian heritage and an  influence of the far-east in her lovely home. Thank you Chandan, your blog is a  very special place for us to visit!


4. Connie's blog: DirtyFootprintsStudio . Connie’s is a therapeutic, artful and a here-and-now blog. In it, she celebrates art, purposeful living, introspection, gratitude for what life has to offer. Her support for various causes -- women, vegetarianism, the environment, etc., makes this blog real and relevant. Her ideals, compassion, unconditional love and support make her an invaluable friend. (The video you made for Erica was one of the most wonderful expressions of love and freedom I have seen).


5. Sweetmango. The theme is the first thing that strikes me about her blog: it’s one of humanity and compassion. Sweetmango’s blog is a combination of exotic images, soulful music and poetry (my favourite is the one you posted from your Grandmother's diary). It transports you to a deeper, more meaningful place in your mind and heart. Namasté SM, you have always motivated me to do better. It has a pleasure to know you and to learn from you.


I  took a long time to make this post, last few days were very tight with my French lessons starting again. Yes, I am struggling every morning for four hours to better my grip of the language. I have two wonderful teachers and interesting, kind classmates. I say kind, because they sit through my french oral attempts without breaking out into hysterical laughter. Will try to post pics from class some time soon.


Love and Gratitude to you, who is reading this.

You motivate me, more than you probably realise or know.

You share your lives with me by letting me share mine with you.

You give me courage and make my life exciting, inspired.

Thank you.



Sunday, 4 January 2009

Fabulous blog award

The lovely Julie-ann from Heavenleigh Art
has chosen me for this ''Fabulous blog'' award!!!!
Thank you Julie-ann (do check out her beautiful paintings, 
I love her huge folk angel artwork).

This also needs me to write about my 5 addictions........
Mmmmm, let me think.....

1. Blogging, Youtube-ing, Facebook-ing, Orkut-ing, Flickr-ing .....
basically spending unhealthy lengths of time with my laptop.
2. Tea, I drink two cups, no, mugs of Indian tea everyday (with breakfast and then again in the evening)! I cannot do without that.
3. Movies, I don't just watch them, I study them! 
4. Music, won't call it an addiction but life is never complete without it.
5.Beautifying the home space. I do tend to get a little paranoid about it at times!!

There you go. Pretty uninteresting huh?!?!?!
I will select five friends that I will pass this on to in the next post.



Saturday, 3 January 2009

Making ''Vin chaud'' at home!

It is white with snow outside my window. 

Just the perfect weather for a glass of ''Vin Chaud'' (French version of Mulled Wine), 
our favourite drink for cold evenings as this!

It is, as someone rightfully said, ''painfully simple'' to prepare vin chaud.
Throw in your red wine, add an orange (cut into divinely thin slices), some cinnamon (coarsely ground), cloves (optional). I added a generous portion of clear golden mountain honey and a wedge of lime. 

Let it sim, do not let it boil, it will start releasing beautifully spiced vapours that fill the kitchen space with intoxicating aroma in a little while.
Not before long, the drink takes on a beautiful colour and aroma. 

Et voila! The marvellous winter nectar is ready...cheers!

A new beginning, thank you for 2008!

I was painting this when the date changed on new year's eve.
Thinking of all that happened last year.
Thinking about my art, how it started, how I made my first video, Etsy, Ebay, Youtube, nervous I was when I started this blog.
Thinking of each and everyone of you, reading my posts, collecting my work, encouraging me, all along.

I would not have been able to go forward without your support. 

Thank you. Your contribution to my work and to my journey so far is treasured.

Wish you all a very happy, peaceful and fruitful 2009!


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