Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Darlings of Jan!

I finished these lovelies yesterday! I plan to add three more canvases to this series with just patterns and block prints in strong colours that can be combined with these portraits and placed next to each other.

It is great fun working on these super cute mini canvases. 
These measure 15 cm x 15 cm (about 6 x 6 inch). 
Take a closer look.....
Below each painting, I am adding a word that comes to my mind when I see that particular portrait.


(I did a  collage patchwork before painting her,
so this one has a beautiful texture.)

(This has a beautiful rich, warm antique-y gold.)


Here is what I would love to know:
What's on your mind when you see the portraits? One word for each.

I want to add some text around the canvas edges in Bengali, may be a Tagore poem or a song.
I am sending these images to dad to seek his help, he will know exactly what to write!
Will post again once they are 'texted' and varnished (will list them on etsy soon)!
Have a bright Tuesday!


megha punater said...

these are beautiful dee,i love the eyes.the words you have given are quite apt.let me think over other words.

Tammy said...

You've been busy! Your work is always so vibrant!

RK (Rupa) said...

I love these. They would look especially good with the patterned ones you mention. The first painting to me says "Deep in thought". Second one seems like she has tears welling up in her eyes, staring into abyss - may be "Missing her lover?" Third and fourth have similar expressions to me, except for the texture of course. Can't wait to see what you will put in the end.

Nancydance said...

Dee, I would agree with your titles for the first and last --
1) Compassion and 4) Inviting. But for the 2nd I would say "Numb" instead of Calm, and for the 3rd, "Not-yet-Believing" (Doubting?) instead of Hesitation. Good work - it amazes me what these simple expressions can convey!

Zom said...

I love the different shiftings of the same woman. It is like she is moving.

Connie said...

These are so wonderful. Absolutely wonderful!! They feel so earthy--and the eyes--I love how they glow!

(I sound like a strange Valentine card!)

Peace & Love.

Fernanda R. Lima said...

Hi Dee... these are really great..
To me it feels like this:

Paint 2: GLOWING
Paint 3: DOUBT


Pramita said...
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LuLu said...

Bonjour Dee! These 4 little paintings are so bold and vibrant and wonderful! Here are the words they suggest to me:

1. Observe
2. Remember
3. Dream
4. Compare

Bravo, Dee! J'adore ! LuLu

Anonymous said...

I love these, I love the colours...I see in them the words you chose. :)

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