Sunday, 28 December 2008

New Art Video ''Jao pakhi bolo tare'' (Fly bird, let him know)

I heard this song yesterday evening and I could not wait till morning to start painting. I have not made a video in a long time. I am not a patient person and the editing really needs a lot of attention. 

I wish the first half was shot in broad daylight as well, but then the dim lights add a rustic feel to the video, almost as if I was painting in a hut by the lantern. 

Krishnokoli and Chondona Majumdar sing the song beautifully and the musical arrangement is perfect. I am no poet, Arnab helped translate:

''Shonar palonker ghore, likhe rekhechhilam dware''
(Alone in my room, full of comforts, I wrote on the door)

''Jao pakhi bolo taare, she jeno bholena more''
(Fly, bird, fly thither -- ask him never to forget me)
''Shukhe theko bhalo theko, mone rekho ei amare''
(Be happy, be content, but do remember me forever)

''Buker bhetor nona betha, chokhe amar jhore kotha''
(With tears in my heart my eyes shed my sorrow-laden words)
''Epar opar tolpar eka,''
(My pain, too strong to bear, upsets all other feeling)

''Jao pakhi bolo taare, she jeno bholena more''
(Fly bird precious, fly thither -- ask him never to forget me)
''Shukhe theko bhalo theko, mone rekho ei amare''
(Be happy, be content, but do remember me forever)!

''Megher opor akash ore, nodir opar pakhir basha''
(The skies fly above the clouds; the bird's nest is across the river)
''Mone bondhu boro asha''
(My heart harbours immense hope).

''Jao pakhi jare ure, tare koyo amar hoe''
(Fly bird mine, do tell him on my behalf)
''Chokh jole jae dekhbo taare, mon chole jae odur dure''
(My eyes long to see him again, my heart wanders afar)

''Jao pakhi bolo taare, she jeno bholena more''
(Fly, bird, fly thither -- ask him never to forget me)
''Shukhe theko bhalo theko, mone rekho ei amare''
(Be happy, be content, but do remember me forever)

Soundtrack from the movie: ''Monpura'' 
Singers: Krishnokoli & Chondona Mojumdar (Thank you for singing this so beautifully) 
Composition:Jao Pakhi Bolo tare


Thank you Arnab for playing this song to me yesterday, I shall treasure it, always! 
Love you.

Friday, 26 December 2008

Thursday, 25 December 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

We went out to see the Marchè de Nöel (Christmas Market), had Vin Chaud ( Spiced up warm wine) and walked through the old town when the bells suddenly started ringing beautifully at the St. Peter's Cathedral! It was beautiful..... 

Christmas tree at the Central commercial area 

The tree was decorated with these huge handcrafted glass ornaments!

Christmas market filled with pretty handcrafted goodies!

Vin chaud straight out of the cauldron!

View of one of the city streets from the end of old town.

Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas! Have a memorable celebration!

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Yesterday, we took the bus all the way upto the Swiss-France border,
this is a snap from Versoix Douane.

A quaint Christmas market is lit up with beautiful colored lamps and filled with pretty handmade things, the place smells beautiful and looks inviting. Will be going there today evening to get some snaps and some ''vin chaud''!!!!

Now it is my turn to nominate the next five to be tagged, so here they are:
  1. Painted Sky Woman
  2. Sandra Mucciardi
  3. Gallerygirl Jen
  4. Chandan
  5. Connie
I know it will be very interesting to read their posts on this!!

Thursday, 18 December 2008


I have been ''tagged'' by my lovely friend  sweetmango ! I have not done this before, so please excuse me if I do something silly while being tagged and passing it on. I do have to tag someone after I am done, right? One or five? !

Okay, so the 5 things that I do to try and keep my mind healthy and peaceful and joyful are:

1. Paint: Nothing gives me as much joy, calm and satisfaction, I love the challenge of a blank canvas (how poetic!) and I enjoy the moments when I am met with unexpected magical results. 

2. Mind work-out: I try to be regular at my yoga and ''Pranayam'' , I got a routine prescribed by an amazing Yoga Guru from Calcutta on my last trip.

3. Learn: something new, through a movie or a documentary or a book or a friend. Even from the mistakes and the faux pas. Explore, doesn't have to be calculus or rocket science, but learning rejuvenates and matures one's thinking.

4. Stay Positive: Try not to delve into negativity and divert my mind through productive creative activities. There is so much that I want to do with my photography, journalling, painting, crafting (each of these : extremely therapeutic à moi). 

5. Keep good company: be in the company of healthy, thinking and thought provoking, progressive minds. I enjoy the simplicity, directness and honesty in people, sometimes even to the point of bluntness. I prefer that to conditional love.

Not very complicated, eh?!! I will tag on only after you guys tell me when and how to do that.

Thank you sweetmango, for you I paused and thought this through.

Sunday, 14 December 2008

More ornaments/ wooden tablets for Christmas!

I have almost finished making four wooden tablets/ ornaments

Here is a sneak peek!!

''Angel of Peace'' (''Ange de Paix'')
Acrylic on wood, crackled, beeswaxed with vanilla aroma.
Ready to hang!

(They will be listed today by 9:00 pm Geneva time, will post details)

I am adding a video to this post, I sure want to visit santa up there some day!

Hope you are having a great weekend.
à bientôt!

Friday, 12 December 2008

ETSY Update: Folk art ''Angels'' Christmas Ornaments

I painted these two darling angels with acrylics (and a little ink) on wood.
I couldn't resist painting them when I found the wooden angel shapes at the art supplies store. 

The warm red of her dress and the touch of gold on her 
wand and hair led me to name her ''Angel of warmth''!

''Angel of Peace'' in a blue robe carrying a dove! 

The back has been patterned using an Indian hand printing block.
Signed at the back. I started late, but hopefully no too late. 
There is still 12 more days to go for Christmas, isn't it?

The snowing has stopped and it was bright sunshine today, 
angels brought great weather for sure! 
Have a great weekend ahead.
!!à bientôt!!

Thursday, 11 December 2008

The scene outside: It has been snowing incessantly since yesterday. Last year we did not see this much of snow at all. The pictures here were taken this morning in front of the school that faces our building. The kids got a break from their routine classwork to play in the snow!!!!!!!! 

These two ladies in bright pink coats seemed to be having too much snow fun. 

Now, some snapshots of what happened through the weekend....

Last Friday, our very sweet neighbour and friends Padma and Peter came home for tea. They got us this super cute box of yummy Swiss chocolates! What a treat, once I opened the box, I did not have the patience to click anymore, almost finished the entire box that night itself.

Isn't it pretty?!!! Thank you Padma, Peter. 
Thank you for the warmth, for your love and support.
We had a lovely time.

 Here is a photo of the two of us on the 9th, Arnab's birthday!
I made Zaffrani pulao and Chicken Curry (Bengali ''Kosha'' style). 
A quiet celebration with aromatherapy (winter spice candles that smell of 
cinnamon, star anise and apple), berry cake and Bordeaux! 
That's all for now ladies.
Stay warm, stay fit and drink some mulled wine (I am making some soon)!!
Love and hugs to my beautiful readers and a big hug for your comments, they make my day!

Thursday, 4 December 2008


I am sure most of you will be surprised / confused and wondering! This is, indeed, the same painting that I posted under ''work in progress'' some days back.I had not been able to finish this for quite some time, the events in Mumbai kept us glued to the news channels. What has happened is shocking, scary and sad. Today's post is not about what happened in Mumbai. This is a follow up on where I left with this painting.

As I sat down to work on it, I realised that I did not quite like the way it had turned out. So I changed it, changed it some more et voila! here I am. The canvas measures 40cm x 40 cm and  it is about an inch thick. 

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Praying for Mumbai

Shocking images on the TV of the beautiful city up in flames since last night.
It is heartbreaking to see that this is unfolding in a city that greets 
everyone with a smile and a warm heart.
God bless all the brave hearts who are fighting the crisis,
pray for this terror to end soon.
My prayers with the families of all those who fell victim at the hands of this indiscriminate act of violence. 
Love and Peace.

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

progress update

This is where I am, near completion but not there yet, not at all.
This is not a very well focused photograph, sorry about that, next one will look better (hopefully).
It has gotten very cold here, I think I need to start drinking ''chocolat chaud'' asap.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Work in progress....

It is a huge canvas, a beautiful shade of grey.

I have started filling in with colour, but I need to be patient with this one.
Will try to finish by tomorrow and post.

Monday, 24 November 2008

a cuppa frienship

Snapshot from Kolkata with my friend of 25 years, Promita.

I liked this tea (assam masala) so much that I subsequently 
went back to have it as many times as possible 
during the rest of my stay in India. 
That really helped because I was battling a very bad throat 
and slight sinus for the most part:((( . 

Saturday, 22 November 2008


Thank you friends for the warm welcome and messages, emails and wishes.

My visit to India at the time of Durga puja, the sights and sounds, festive colours and the overpowering presence and beauty of the Goddess.......inspiration for this painting. 
This is a bigger canvas than what I usually do, it measures 30 cm x 30 cm.
It is about an inch think, which looks great.
I am going to varnish and probably add an antique stain and hang it on a wall along the corridor. 

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Back in Champel

Posting after more than a month. Back in Geneva. I have not been able to paint or do much work with the dolls either. Most of the India trip was spent in visiting docs and clinics. All well now. It is not as cold here as I had feared it to be. Raining today. Missed you guys a lot. Thanks for bearing with me. Love. Dee.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008


Hello girlies! I am SO SORRY for the lack of posts. Here is an update. I am in Kolkata now with hubby and family. Last moment plans as we thought best to take a holiday and spend time with family and friends, make sure he is sufficiently rested and can recover. Thank you so much for your wishes and support ladies!

This is the best time to be in Kolkata, it is Durga Puja (Festival worshipping the Goddess Durga) and my heart is full with what I am experiencing here up and close, more so because this was completely unplanned. The visuals, the fantabulous food and the cultural programmes....ohhh!

I want to also share with you this! The wonderful Cristine from blisschick made my day... thank you Christine. She gives me so much more credit than I deserve.

Love and hugs to all my friend and I will post pics of the Puja soon.

Monday, 29 September 2008

The red tufted Cockatoo

Inspired by a Bengali rhyme about the ''Red Tufted Cockatoo'' 
(who is on a whim to get a red ribbon, a comb and a mirror!)
I wrote the rhyme in Bengali script in the painting and used a gold backdrop with a subtle crackle antiqued finish. (I have increased the contrast in the close up, not sure if  the crackle can be seen very well). I will be listing it in the next couple of days.
Thanks for all the wishes, Arnab is coping up. 
I recieved the book I won on ebay some time back, 
The biography of Frida  by Hayden Herrera.
I think I should start with the doll tomorrow.
Hope you guys had a great weekend.
Love to my lovely readers.
à bientôt!

Friday, 26 September 2008


Jane's Grittyartsstudio doll workshop is super fun! I finished my first doll, I have used Jane's doll pattern for this one. I totally enjoyed making her and now I am off to make the next one with my own pattern. Will post pics soon, hopefully.
I am sorry about the lack of posts lately, hubby is not keeping too well, so dee is busy  pampering him! How have you guys been? 
Love and hugs mes amies!

Monday, 15 September 2008


I made some changes to the mr. and now it is up on etsy. 

Friday, 12 September 2008

Happy to be alive, 2 new paintings, busy weekend ahead!

Last two days were scary a well as exciting. What is being called the biggest experiment in the history of mankind, is underway at CERN (European Organisation for Nuclear Research),  very close to where we are. The 'Big Bang' experiment, where particle physicists are trying to recreate conditions right after the big bang.

If you are thinking 'why is dee posting on particle physics instead of her new artwork?!', here is the answer. This experiment has been highly debated because some scientists have suggested that there is a possibility of the creation of 'micro black-holes' that could potentially lead to a catastrophic end of our planet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Though the head honchos at CERN reassured that nothing of that nature is possible, everyone was, and probably still is, anxious about the final outcome. Only time will tell. 

Well, I am glad we are still alive and haven't been sucked into a terrible earthquake or something! Phew!

Moving on to my new paintings, I think this theme was a direct result of the fact that two of my very dear Bengali friends are getting married this year. The paintings depict an elderly Bengali couple, probably the groom's parents at the wedding. The lady carries a decorative platter of ornamented  fish which is supposed to be auspicious and an essential part of the initial wedding ceremony.

The two canvases measure 20 cm x 20 cm each and will be sold as a couple!
Mango leaves and flower garland s on both sides adorn the set up for the ceremony.
I plan to put all my recent paintings up on etsy by this weekend.
 ''Nani's Lullaby'' and ''Ganeshji'' have already been sold, I will list the rest.

Jane's cloth and clay doll workshop starts next week, I got myself a sewing machine and a scanner/ printer, so I will be starting off with prints for the shop soon.
Will attempt to learn the basics of sewing so that I am not a mess at the workshop, LOL!

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

For Vicki

Dear Vicki, heal well and quick. Take good care mon amie.

Friday, 5 September 2008

''Bringing home Ganesha''

I miss living in Mumbai, the noise and chaos, the very loud and colourful presence of hindi movies, the long drives through the city in the dead of the night ....the energy, the madness, the warmth, the spirituality, the devotion, the dynamism. And I miss the city even more at this time of the year, where the calender marks the beginning of the festive season.

Ganesh Chaturthi is probably the biggest festival in Mumbai. It is 10 day long. Everyone brings home their ganesh with a lot of affection and devotion, he is worshipped, offered delicious sweets, entertained with devotional songs.

The painting carries a distinct Mumbai flavour. Let me explain. The lady is dressed in traditional marathi (largest community in Mumbai) style, characterised by the border of the saree (typical of the local handloom weave and design), the jewellery, the style of flowers in her hair and the way she wears her bindi on the forehead.

The work on the walls behind her depict the popular folk art from the region, Warli. Little Ganesha is inspired by the famous and most powerful Siddhivinayak .

I must admit I do not like it when he is referred to as the elephant God, probably because there is so much affection and love wrapping up that name Ganesha or Ganpati.

The 'Nimbu-mirchi' (Lime and Chillies) hanging on the upper right hand side is a common sight in Mumbai, it is believed to ward off evil spirits, I find it particularly cute and colourful. The mango leaves are hung in that fashion on almost every auspicious occassion in India.

''Ganpati bappa maurya''

Have a fun weekend. Love. Dee.

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Fly your kite!!

(Photographs by Meena Kadri )

''Makar Sankranti'' or the kite flying festival is celebrated in mid-winter, to mark the beginning of the harvest season. We go up on to terraces and fly our kites with abandon. A couple of hours into the celebrations, the sky is filled with colour and it is spectacular!!

The idea is to try and cut other kites down , it is a fun competition. The strings are lined with very fine glass bits that make it easier to cut into other kite strings. So, you have to be very careful while flying and handling the kite strings which is probably why you wouldn't find too many girls indulge.

But then, there are girls like dee and her friend prom who would not miss the chance to give the boys around a run for their kites!!

The painting makes me smile, makes me crave all the delicious coconut and jaggery filled dimsum-like steamed sweetmeats that mom prepares this day....yummmmmmm!!!
I had a hard time posting this because our internet connection would go off every 5 mins.
(Swisscom is coming in tomorrow to fix the problem.)
Anyway, am glad that i finally managed to put it up.
Thanks Tammy and to all of you for suggesting this theme.
Love you guys.

Sunday, 31 August 2008

''Nani's lullaby''

This painting brings back so many memories from home.
The ever-so-therapeutic presence of ''Thamma'' (bengali), ''nani'' (hindi) or ''grandmom''.
I was reminded of this particular bengali rhyme (there are, oh, so many of them) which is extremely popular back home and is very often sung to put a baby to sleep.
I will probably write it along the sides of the canvas so it stays with the painting, as sweetmango suggested.
I have finished my painting on the kite festival!!!.....will post it soon.
It was a brilliant suggestion, thank you.
Have a great weekend ladies.

Friday, 29 August 2008

Ideate with me.........

I am working on my next painting for the series ''desi tales'' and will post it in a couple of days. Yesterday, I was going through the very long list of festivals, traditions, cultural and social themes that would fit into this series. I have shortlisted a couple for the next two paintings, but I thought I'll ask You what is it that you would like me to paint next in this series. Lets see if we are thinking alike.

Leave a comment with a theme of your choice e.g a particular festival, or a particular social gesture that is typically Indian. I am not sure if I'll be able to execute it right away, but lets ideate and see what comes through!

Thanks and big hugs to all of you, I loved reading your feedback on my recent posts.

à bientôt..dee.


Thursday, 28 August 2008

Angels at Anjhuna

Goa, India.

June, 2005.

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