Sunday, 31 August 2008

''Nani's lullaby''

This painting brings back so many memories from home.
The ever-so-therapeutic presence of ''Thamma'' (bengali), ''nani'' (hindi) or ''grandmom''.
I was reminded of this particular bengali rhyme (there are, oh, so many of them) which is extremely popular back home and is very often sung to put a baby to sleep.
I will probably write it along the sides of the canvas so it stays with the painting, as sweetmango suggested.
I have finished my painting on the kite festival!!!.....will post it soon.
It was a brilliant suggestion, thank you.
Have a great weekend ladies.


paintedskywoman said...

Lovely, I am always drawn to painting red and green paintings, but don't always do it even though I really want to. They are such a tricky color combination to pull off. I love the composition here. Plus the baby is adorable. I am glad you like my new direction in my paintings. It is good to get feedback from other artists.

:) Ren

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Dee, it has such a peaceful quality to it, very relaxing and calm and safe and wise. :)
Just love the strong colour you use :)

jennifer said...

I just am amazed at you and so proud too! WOW! These are so wonderful and tell me again how long you have been painting???
This is so soft and I want to be in that green blanket!

Connie said...

Dee--I agree with's the composition that is amazing! Beautiful! Love it! I feel so redundant...I wish I could just start leaving you video comments...then each awesome painting after another I could just have these great facial expressions...cause I'm running out of words! Also--it's so cool that both you and Renee are on a painting spree...I want to join ya!

Peace & Love.

Connie said...

PS I left you a little post on my blog today with a video of the Born Into Brothels movie. A must see..especially for you!

Peace & Love.

Dee said...

Renée, Sweetmango,Jennifer, Connie....BIG HUGs and thank you for the feedback.

Connie, speaking of videos, I would LOVE to see an art video from you. Please upload one, any help that you may need with youtube is available right here, do let me know.

Jen, that was the first time I put my work up for sale when you selected two from my shop (the ''par la fenêtre'' series). That is when I started professionally.

My internet connection conked off and I could not access my emails and blog since morning, felt super frustrated.

Do you realise what a powerful thing this is, for us to be able to communicate and interact and share so much with the mere click of a button?!

Thanks again. More soon. Ciao. Dee.

tascha said...

Oh I love this one!

Tammy said...

Very special. Such a touching moment to capture.

I'm looking forward to seeing your kite festival painting. =)


anirban said...

hi dee. got the comments link. your quite prolific with your creations and you've got very good observing eye, necessary for any creator. i'm amazed more and more. they are very vibrant and i like your use of solid colours. good show mate.

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