Monday, 18 August 2008

Resolved ebay issues after 2 hours of Live Help support :(((

Phew! Yeterday, I realised that I could not access my gmail account registered with ebay, and this is the day that my first auction ended...LOL!!! I was on this case for all evening yeserday and all morning today, could not retrieve the gmail account. However, its true that if you keep on trying in the grimmest of situations and dont give up, you will find a way. I logged in to live help on ebay. I got the most patient hepful and efficient help provider on ebay I think. He disentangled and cleared the mess and now I am so relieved. I updated my new email registered with ebay, connected it to the existing paypal account and now I think the situation is undercontrol. At least I know what went wrong and know what not tod o in the future. I am posting this because I have not been able to keep up with blog posts due to this self created mess. Thanks you guys for being patient and most of all, thank you for your most lovely comments, your support for my ebay store and your appreciation on my last few posts. It make the biggest difference to me. LOVE. THANK YOU.

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