Friday, 1 August 2008


Hello everyone! I am sorry wasn't around for a long time, missed all of you so much. How have you been? I have so much of catching up to do with all of your blog posts.

Here is what I was up to last week. Suziblu's last video on youtube led me to Anahata Katkin's website ( and blog. I had not been working with my journal for a long time. However, looking at her work, I had to go back and try some of the techniques that she tips on (useful tips in her FAQ section, also, check out her flickR)

Here is a selection from my last weeks work. I always tend to go back to some pages and work on them, write over, paint over, or completely alter .... so I can't say these pages are done, but this is what they look like NOW.
Its way past midnight here and its Swiss National day so I can hear some music and fireworks around lac leman, but I am off now. Will check back tomorrow to see your feedback.

à demain.

love n hugs, dee.


jennifer said...

yeahhhhhhh deeee!!! how fun and beautiful! you have been doing a lot!!!!!

JafaBrit's Art said...

wow, these are fantastic :)

bLu eYd YoGi said...

holy POOP girl! these pages are AMAZING!!! missed you terribley!

Dee said...

I had a blast making them and now I am hooked on the journal! am adding more pages soon you! therez fireworks going on outside and I am at home journaling!!!

jennifer said...

GOOD FOR YOU! AND what are the fireworks for?
cool anyway!

Dee said...

Yesterday was Swiss national day jen, this year's celebrations were somewhat dampened coz it was raining most of the evening, but the drizzle stopped around nine, just in time for everyone to resume partying, barbeques, bonfires, fancy dress, prossessions, etc.

Connie said...

Dee! Welcome back friend! I missed you. Your journal pages are beyond amazing. I'm not sure what the word is for that--- "amazinger"?!?!?! I wish I was sitting there thumbing through them in person. So many layers, and little secrets to discover! I had to stop the slide show a few times and really soak in one image at a time. I love how your bold fashion of depicting the essence of femininity in your work---and all your musical influence that plays in your images and color patterns. Fantastic! Make more! I want to see mooooorre!!!

Peace & Love.

nollyposh said...

Glad you're back Dee... Absolutely fabulous stuff! Vicki x

Connie said...

I just stopped by one more time to check out your journal pages again.

Peace & Love.

Dee said...

Connie, you r such a doll!!! Have 3 more that I did, was thinking of posting them tomorrow, but now I think will do that today itself, in a couple of hours. Love n thanks so much. Dee.

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