Friday, 29 August 2008

Ideate with me.........

I am working on my next painting for the series ''desi tales'' and will post it in a couple of days. Yesterday, I was going through the very long list of festivals, traditions, cultural and social themes that would fit into this series. I have shortlisted a couple for the next two paintings, but I thought I'll ask You what is it that you would like me to paint next in this series. Lets see if we are thinking alike.

Leave a comment with a theme of your choice e.g a particular festival, or a particular social gesture that is typically Indian. I am not sure if I'll be able to execute it right away, but lets ideate and see what comes through!

Thanks and big hugs to all of you, I loved reading your feedback on my recent posts.

à bientôt..dee.



Tammy said...

This one looks like fun.

Very colorful and summery.

Dee said...

Dear Tammy,

I looked it up, thank you for taking time to suggest this theme. I have already begun work on it!!! Will post soon. Love. Dee.

Anonymous said...

Kite festival, that sounds so lovely, it would look amazing in a picture!! Can't wait to see it!

Connie said...

Hey Dee!

Have you ever seen the movie/documentary "Born Into Brothels"? I saw it years ago on DVD and I think I watched it three times in a row. Mostly because I was home sick, but also, because it is an INCREDIBLE film...about a photographer who goes to India to photograph the women that live and work in brothels...and ends up falling in love with the children that grow up in theese brothels..and begins to teach them photography. What happens to these children, through the power of art, is so touching and beautiful. If you watch the DVD, you must watch all the extras...where they interview the children years laster once they are a bit grown up.

I like the kite festival idea too...and anything to do with the tradition of henna!

Peace & Love.

Dee said...

Connie, I haven't watched the documentary. Looked up on youtube. Found something that says its a story about Puja Mukherje, is it the same one you mentioned? Probably not.

Will surely look it up, sounds very interesting.

Henna is another tradition that has gained immense popularity across cultures and religions in India. Its presence in any marriage is a must. Thanks for suggesting.

Love and hugs.


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