Sunday, 3 August 2008


What makes YOU shrink?
mY eNtRY 4 Inspire Me Thursday
Journal entry


jennifer said...

you have been busy! great pictures of the festival and art painting.
and the journal is very uninhibited!

jennifer said...

oh, and LACK of MONEY makes me shrink!
for real!

Connie said...


Alberta and Ava said...

This is an amazing journal page. it conveys so much emotion that I almost "shrink." I love, love, love the colors on your page and the artwork is stuning. I have trouble being honest and conveying anything but positive thoughts in my art journal, but you do so fearlessly. I think I can learn a lesson from this layout or (PLEASE forgive me) take a page from your book!

Rowena said...

Woah. Love it. Creepy and woozy. Love the style, too.

Fear makes me shrink.

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