Monday, 25 August 2008

Jane's wonderful Folk Art

Salut mes amies, how was your weekend? I had a super hectic fun saturday and a very lazy relaxed (though chore filled) sunday :((
I meant to post this yesterday but had to rush off to the grocery store to get some paranthas.

Jane from Gritty Arts Studio is starting the folk art doll workshop. I have never made dolls before and I am slightly nervous about the stiching part......... but Jane reassures that its basic level stiching so I think I will manage. I can imagine how wonderful it must feel to bring your art to life, give them another dimension, and I can almost see my pretty desi dolls hanging in my studio above my desk!!!

I am sharing some pictures of her charming doll creations that I found on her blog. Jane also has an amazing youtube channel with some very cool art videos. So much to learn from her.

Bisous à tous!


jennifer said...

you are brave! tell me how it goes!

Connie said...

I don't know how I missed this post of yours..but how super cool. I've never seen any of Jane's dolls...and now I'm inspired. I think I might try one this weekend too..but out of clay!!! Yay for clay!

I totally love what you've done with your blog...its so warm and inviting. Plus---could you be anymore gorgeous woman!?!?!? You are just as beautiful as your paintings!!

Peace & Love.

Dee said...

Wow! Connie you must post pictures, I am amost obssessing about doll making right now. But I just hope I get all the materials for the class, it takes me long to find each little thing, hiding behind french labels (helps to carry a mini dictionary to the store, LOL!) Wish me luck!

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