Thursday, 7 August 2008

Ebay store and new auction listing, NERVOUS +EXCITED !!! :(((

For those of you who haven't read my previous post on ebay issues, here is an update. I was struggling with ebay as they had all the registration form etc. for Switzerland in German. I was overwhelmed by an overdose of information in German and gave up all hopes of ebay-ing.

Yesterday, I gathered a lot of courage and decided to give it one more try. I opened the ebay registration page for Switzerland and an online German-English translation page next to it. After a couple of hours of grappling with forms and linking accounts and email ids, I finally got my ebay store opened!!!!! FINALLY!!!!
I have listed one of my favourite paintings (Trois Soeurs), that I had saved for a special occassion, to start my store. Do check it out, the auction ends in 9 days.

Thanks to all you lovelies who have constantly been supportive and encouraging. Thank you Jennifer for your constant ideation with me and helping me resolve and move on. Means a lot.

Love and smiles.


jennifer said...

Good for you DEE!!! and here's to a successful new art venture!

Adriana Whitney said...

Congrats in your ebay listing!
I love the painting, I did one of 3 sisters too! because I have 2 sisters and 3 daughters. Do you have sisters too?

Dee said...

Thanks Jen , thanks Adriana for your wishes......n YES, I have two elder sisters. :)! cheers. dee.

Anonymous said...

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