Tuesday, 31 August 2010

'Exclusively' for DEEZDEN Readers !!!

Time for some DEEZDEN pampering for my stylish readers :)!
I am so glad to bring to you lovelies
a one-of-a-kind offer from the recently launched lifestyle brand Exclusively.in,
the online fashion hot-spot where you will find 'Indian-inspired style'
from the country's most coveted designers!
'The store offers members-only access to a carefully-curated collection of fashion,
furnishings, collectibles and travel experiences.'
Here is a little note from the store: 'Under the growing influence of international style and trends, India's centuries' old artisanal traditions have flourished into a coveted fashion aesthetic that feels vintage yet modern and sophisticated. Our buyers scour the boutiques, markets, and designer showrooms -that have long made India a global destination for knowledgeable fashionistas- selecting one-of-a-kind products and luxury services to be delivered straight to your doorstep.'

Aren't these pieces adorable?
So Indian and so chic, from casual to the heavier ethnic pieces...
products that hold on to a style that is
essentially inspired by India and yet is contemporary.

Design and style from high priests of Indian fashion,

the store boasts of names such as Rohit Bal, Satya Paul,
Rajesh Pratap Singh, James Ferreira, Manish Mahotra and many more;
experiences from the worlds of literature (rare first edition books),
travel, home décor: a selection carefully curated by experts in Delhi and New York.
Now its time for me to reveal the offer that they have designed
exclusively for DEEZDEN readers !
A unique direct code that is beneficial only to you gorgeous fashionistas:
Click on the link above, sign up for Exclusively.in,
and you will receive a credit of $20.00 within 24 hours of sign up!!!
mmmmm.....time for some retail therapy eh? :) enjoy!

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Guest Blogger with Gnaana

We live in a time when work often takes us thousands of miles away from home,
we build our nests and grow families far far away from home.
In such a time and age, all of us feel the need to stay connected to our roots,
and to help the next generation relate to those roots as their own,
to help them know where they belong and identify.
At Gnaana, parents find ways to do just that, as the Gnaana ideology says,
'we bring the wisdom of the past to the children of the future'.
Right from this message by its founder, Aruna (the 'Maharani of possibilities', indeed!)
to the Gnaana blog which is consistently publishing informative posts for parents,
I found their concept and design brilliant as well as extremely
relevant to the way our lives are as of today. Their products are super-adorable,
the das-avatar puzzle being my favourite :). Needless to say,
I was really happy to have been invited to guest blog with Gnaana.
For all those of you who may have missed this, I am publishing with them all of this week.
and the second went on air today: Raising young artists
The third post will be published on Friday, so stay tuned, I'll be posting the third link on FB.
Enjoy your Gnaana tour and hope you'll like the posts by yours truely.
I had said that I'll post my new painting in the next blog,
so here are some sneak-peeks, I am almost done and after seeing this work,
I am sure my readers would understand why I may have missed a deadline.
I would love to hear from you on the Gnaana blogs,
for those of you giving me feedback on FB - thank you.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Little hello!

Dear readers,
As you must have noticed, I have been off my blog
for sometime. The reason being it was difficult for me
to resist the travelling bit this summer.
I have not gone home in 2 years and
had reached a point where a change
was much needed. So we went hiking,
cruised on boats and took the cable-cars
up to the snow-capped Alps.
I'll be adding some new prints to my shop next week,
and post a new painting in my next blog, so stay tuned :) .
Hope you are all well and enjoying the summer.
~Love and hugs~
Title: 'Haatpakha' (Bengali for handfan)
Medium: Acrylics on watercolour paper
Size: 18cm x 24cm
*will be listed in my shop soon*
Little painting inspired by two of my favourite things,
the Bengali handfan (I have an identical antique
Bengali handfan that I collected some years back from Kolkata)
and the 'Tota' (Indian parakeet).

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