Thursday, 19 August 2010

Guest Blogger with Gnaana

We live in a time when work often takes us thousands of miles away from home,
we build our nests and grow families far far away from home.
In such a time and age, all of us feel the need to stay connected to our roots,
and to help the next generation relate to those roots as their own,
to help them know where they belong and identify.
At Gnaana, parents find ways to do just that, as the Gnaana ideology says,
'we bring the wisdom of the past to the children of the future'.
Right from this message by its founder, Aruna (the 'Maharani of possibilities', indeed!)
to the Gnaana blog which is consistently publishing informative posts for parents,
I found their concept and design brilliant as well as extremely
relevant to the way our lives are as of today. Their products are super-adorable,
the das-avatar puzzle being my favourite :). Needless to say,
I was really happy to have been invited to guest blog with Gnaana.
For all those of you who may have missed this, I am publishing with them all of this week.
and the second went on air today: Raising young artists
The third post will be published on Friday, so stay tuned, I'll be posting the third link on FB.
Enjoy your Gnaana tour and hope you'll like the posts by yours truely.
I had said that I'll post my new painting in the next blog,
so here are some sneak-peeks, I am almost done and after seeing this work,
I am sure my readers would understand why I may have missed a deadline.
I would love to hear from you on the Gnaana blogs,
for those of you giving me feedback on FB - thank you.


GB said...

Dee, you've misspelt possibilities....

GB said...

Gorgeous art!

Dithi said...

Thanks for the correction GB, happens (read: should not happen) when you at 2:30 am :)

Miriam said...

This beautiful your new painting, every time I remain speechless .... how much sweetness and charm in those eyes!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous work Dee (as usual!) the intricacies are just stunning!
Im off to read your guest blogs :)
Have a beautiful weekend my friend.

Designwali said...

This looks gorgeous..can't wait to see it all done. I was going to buy a print from your shop for my daughter's room...but now i'm going to wait and see...i can't decide!

Kamini said...

Lovely Dithi! So much detail and so intricate...I don't have that kind of patience! Just lovely! Off to read your guest post now!

Strawberry Amma said...

Opurbo, khub shundor art. You paint like Jamini Roy with his Kalighat Pot Paintings. :)

I strongly recommend, request and wish you read my blog sometime and leave behind your valuable comments too. I write based on things that interest you deeply.

Dithi said...

@Miriam: thank you.

@Sweetmango: Hi Michelle! So good to hear from you, its been long. Thank you!

@Designwali and Kamini: Thank you gals, hope you enjoy the Gnaana posts- let me know.

@Strawberry Amma: Thank you, I will most definitely visit your blog and let you know my thoughts as well.

Rupa said...

First of all, this is another gorgeous painting. Hope to see it in full! Your articles on Gnaan rang a bell and reminded me how fortunate I am to have parents that got me music lessons and painting lessons (even when it seemed a luxury at some point since it was a long distance art program from a well known art school in US). I still love painting/art in any form, thanks to the encouragement and support from my parents. I am so grateful to them and thanks to you for the reminder!!!

Sharon Colaco D'Souza said...

Dithi, Loved the words you have woven...I hopped over to Gnaana and was amazed! Saw your post too - all great stuff!

Will keep visiting Gnaana.

A. Naik said...

lovely detail... and so neat!! the eyes always seems to convey a lot!

Anonymous said...

This is my first visit to ur blog...and i was spellbound!!! Your artworks are amazing...

fRiDa aMoRe PaPiLLoN said...

it's been a long time since i've been here, girl, and i've missed you! xoxoxoxo (p.s. i'm baaaack!)

Shanthi said...

Wonderful and awesome.

Rupa said...

I recently saw your tutorial on drawing Maa Lakshmi!!! Thank you so so much for sharing those steps. I can't wait to try it (and I may even share it with you)....

Rekha said...

Gorgeous painting, I am off to check out Gnaana now!

chabi said...

Hi Deethi, enjoyed your writing on Gnaana website and on your wall including the step by step guide. I am sure the kids hidden under wise attires will also have fun drawing Laxmi. Not only Brush but the pen also speaks volumes about you. Great work dear.Thanks a lot.Looking forward to see more.

Dithi said...

Thank you all for the feedback, I feel the love gals!

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