Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Little hello!

Dear readers,
As you must have noticed, I have been off my blog
for sometime. The reason being it was difficult for me
to resist the travelling bit this summer.
I have not gone home in 2 years and
had reached a point where a change
was much needed. So we went hiking,
cruised on boats and took the cable-cars
up to the snow-capped Alps.
I'll be adding some new prints to my shop next week,
and post a new painting in my next blog, so stay tuned :) .
Hope you are all well and enjoying the summer.
~Love and hugs~
Title: 'Haatpakha' (Bengali for handfan)
Medium: Acrylics on watercolour paper
Size: 18cm x 24cm
*will be listed in my shop soon*
Little painting inspired by two of my favourite things,
the Bengali handfan (I have an identical antique
Bengali handfan that I collected some years back from Kolkata)
and the 'Tota' (Indian parakeet).


GB said...

Sounds like bliss! hope you had/have a good summer!! The hathpakha looks fabulous...

Gautam said...

Seems you enjoyed a lot.
The photo is great, guess it was Arnab's turn to show some artistic talent.
We are planning to be off on a 'paanchmiseli" tour to Lichtenstein, Austria, Germany, Hungary and Switzerland in the next two weeks.

Lakshmi -Celebrations said...

lovely ,see u soon

Dithi said...

@GB: It is turning out to be quite an eventful summer indeed. Thanks.

@Gautam-da: Arnab has taken some lovely shots on out last few trips.
Your tour plans sound great. Have a blast!

Tracer Bullet said...

love the haathpakha ... :) so so colorful....

Kamini said...

Welcome back, missed your posts! Beautiful hathpakha! Visited a friend in Zurich years ago and I so want to go back to Switzerland again....loved it!

Rupa said...

Welcome back. For a travel nut like me, those trips of yours sound heavenly. I will be vacationing next week for just 6 days to celebrate our wedding anniversary. I am looking forward to all the photo ops (of nature). Can't wait to see your new paintings soon :)

joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..

Miriam said...

Un abbraccio...
Auguri per tutto!

Veda Murthy said...

hope u had a gr8 time! i love the new painting!


neeta kumar said...

Ur really good!
I love your work and style.

Tanu said...

the haatpakha looks lovely !! love your painting style.

Dithi said...

@Tracer Bullet: thanks hon!

@Kamini: glad and yes, you must revisit- this is a great time to come to Switzerland.

@Rupa: Happy Anniversary and wish you a very enjoyable and romance-filled trip. God bless!

@Miriam: Thank you so much :)

@Veda: Thank you for your feedback on Gnaana, glad you like the new posts and painting.

@Neeta Kumar: Many thanks and welcome to Deezden.

@Tanu: Thank you, glad you enjoyed :)

halley said...

love the haatpakha . great work

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