Sunday, 21 December 2008

Yesterday, we took the bus all the way upto the Swiss-France border,
this is a snap from Versoix Douane.

A quaint Christmas market is lit up with beautiful colored lamps and filled with pretty handmade things, the place smells beautiful and looks inviting. Will be going there today evening to get some snaps and some ''vin chaud''!!!!

Now it is my turn to nominate the next five to be tagged, so here they are:
  1. Painted Sky Woman
  2. Sandra Mucciardi
  3. Gallerygirl Jen
  4. Chandan
  5. Connie
I know it will be very interesting to read their posts on this!!


Sharlo said...

it says ur in the arts industry and u live in geneva??
do you have any idea where I could do my stage??
I´m really interested in art and fashion

Dee said...

Not really Sharlo, you could find the answer through, just post a question there. Lots of people from different industries there, am sure you will find what you need to know. Best. Dee.


hi dee!
oh this is fun!!
i will definitely get to it in the next couple of days once i get the chance to give it some thought, after the rush of christmas!
happy holidays to you...

Connie said...

HI Dee!!! I love what you wrote for your taggegd! Keeping good company--that's a good, I have to tell you that I looooooooooooooove your wooden tablets--they totally inspired me! And I have to go to the art store today anyways--so I'm gonna pick some balsa wood up! Yay!

Thank you for tagging me Dee---Both SweetMango and I were tagged by Elana so I wrote my five over on Dirty Footprints already..come check them out!

Happy Holidays---and gallons of love to you!

Peace & LOve.

bLu eYd YoGi said...

my dear dear dEE~ SOMEbody has been taking my mail~ one desperate and angry person. (when he was stealing stuff drom the house, i made sure to hide my painting from you~ it is one of my TREASURES!)hopefully he will get over himself & return my stuff! it is SOOOOOOOOO hard to hold my head up high & not stoop to his level~ when all that comes out of his mouth is hatred & lies!~ i'm trying to breathe here~ trying to stay grounded~ trying to focus on the happiness to come~
thanks for being there~ HERE!

Dee said...

Sandra: there is no rush, do it at a time when you will enjoy it!

Connie: thank you, I love them too. I am glad you are trying those as well, they look really cute. I sold the one I had listed on etsy yesterday! Have fun making them and I will hop over and read your post on the mind exercises, sorry I missed that.

Happy holidays!!!



Dee said...

Erica, sent you a mail on the id you gave me. I am praying. I hope you emerge of this situation soon and I know you will. Stay strong and know that we LOVE you! I will make another painting for you. Dee.

nolaa gallery said...

ok, miss dee! I finally got around to the list! :)
I think our lists are similar,,, must be why we like each other! we really are friends!
Merry Christmas!
xoxo, jen

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