Sunday, 28 December 2008

New Art Video ''Jao pakhi bolo tare'' (Fly bird, let him know)

I heard this song yesterday evening and I could not wait till morning to start painting. I have not made a video in a long time. I am not a patient person and the editing really needs a lot of attention. 

I wish the first half was shot in broad daylight as well, but then the dim lights add a rustic feel to the video, almost as if I was painting in a hut by the lantern. 

Krishnokoli and Chondona Majumdar sing the song beautifully and the musical arrangement is perfect. I am no poet, Arnab helped translate:

''Shonar palonker ghore, likhe rekhechhilam dware''
(Alone in my room, full of comforts, I wrote on the door)

''Jao pakhi bolo taare, she jeno bholena more''
(Fly, bird, fly thither -- ask him never to forget me)
''Shukhe theko bhalo theko, mone rekho ei amare''
(Be happy, be content, but do remember me forever)

''Buker bhetor nona betha, chokhe amar jhore kotha''
(With tears in my heart my eyes shed my sorrow-laden words)
''Epar opar tolpar eka,''
(My pain, too strong to bear, upsets all other feeling)

''Jao pakhi bolo taare, she jeno bholena more''
(Fly bird precious, fly thither -- ask him never to forget me)
''Shukhe theko bhalo theko, mone rekho ei amare''
(Be happy, be content, but do remember me forever)!

''Megher opor akash ore, nodir opar pakhir basha''
(The skies fly above the clouds; the bird's nest is across the river)
''Mone bondhu boro asha''
(My heart harbours immense hope).

''Jao pakhi jare ure, tare koyo amar hoe''
(Fly bird mine, do tell him on my behalf)
''Chokh jole jae dekhbo taare, mon chole jae odur dure''
(My eyes long to see him again, my heart wanders afar)

''Jao pakhi bolo taare, she jeno bholena more''
(Fly, bird, fly thither -- ask him never to forget me)
''Shukhe theko bhalo theko, mone rekho ei amare''
(Be happy, be content, but do remember me forever)

Soundtrack from the movie: ''Monpura'' 
Singers: Krishnokoli & Chondona Mojumdar (Thank you for singing this so beautifully) 
Composition:Jao Pakhi Bolo tare


Thank you Arnab for playing this song to me yesterday, I shall treasure it, always! 
Love you.


Robin said...

I loved all of this post! The video, the painting and the song is so beautiful.....

Anonymous said...

Ah Dee, I love this song, I am going to get it for me and add it to my painting music, it is hypnotic itsn't it. The painting you did is such a beautiful poetic version of the song in paint, I love it. You and your husband are just too cute, you are so in love and so made for each other.
Thanks for sharing with us, thank you for taking the time, and excercising the patience :) to make the video, we enjoy it very much.
Namaste to you both

bLu eYd YoGi said...

you are SO beautiful!!! YAY for the video! you rock! i LOVE all of your art~ always evoloving~ ALWAYS amazing!

Anonymous said...

She is so pretty. Love the bindi, hoping I have spelt this correctly? So pleased you have made the video and felt in good spirit. So wonderful to see you paint.
Thank you so much for your beautiful message left on my blog. You made my heart glow. I was so surprised to come on my blog and find your message, really made my day.
Your so right, Know where your coming from. I have not been able to paint for a few days. Every time I went in to paint an angel, I just sat there.
Today I said to my hubby, come on, lets go out to Town and have a good day together.
Seeing your message made the total day complete and such a lovely surprise. Your are a star!

Art4Sol said...

What a beautiful song and a beautiful painting....but you make it look so easy!
Thanks for sharing.

Flor Larios Art said...

BEautiful painting and song!
You two look so good together.
I love your blog. very pretty!

Dee said...

Robin: Thank you!

SM: The song is so melodious and soulful, it take me back to the terracotta roads in Bengal! I loved making the video, namasté to you!

Erica: Big hug to you and for your constant words of encouragement. You are a brave girl, love you!

Julie-ann: What a sweet note! It is not always easy to be able to express yourself and give your creative vision form and shape. I was making and filming a painting all day yesterday and at the end of about 10 hours I did not like what I did! It happens. It is a part of the evolution that you are going through.Your art is beautiful and you must make lots more!!!

Darlene: Thanks for visiting, glad you liked my work.

Flor: Thank you.

Hope you guys are having a peaceful happy holiday season.

Love you.


Chandana Banerjee said...

Hi Dee, I chanced upon your blog and paintings and I absolutely loved your style of work, the choice of colours..warm and earthy, and the themes.

I paint a bit myself..generally folk art, motifs and children's art.

It would be great to know you.

Warm regards,
Chandana (Chondona)

Dee said...


Thank you. Will look forward to hearing more from you and would love to see your artwork, I am a lover of everything folk-y!

vineeta said...

This is brilliant Diti! Brilliant and beautiful. I saw the video & LOVED it! And This pic of your with Arnab is the sweetest :) !
YOu are one talented gal with her heart soaring high like those birds you have drawn. You will go places & remember I'm the 1st one who said it here :)
I'd also love to feature your work on my blog & tell me if you are ok with that & we can work out the details :)

Dee said...


Thanks for watching the video! A feature on artnlight? ''My pleasure''!!! A great start to 2009 that would be!!!!



carlikup said...

Love the video and your amazing painting!

Chandan said...

Hey Dee,
This is just mesmerizing... I am sharing the video with all my buddies this very instant. You are delightful!

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