Thursday, 18 December 2008


I have been ''tagged'' by my lovely friend  sweetmango ! I have not done this before, so please excuse me if I do something silly while being tagged and passing it on. I do have to tag someone after I am done, right? One or five? !

Okay, so the 5 things that I do to try and keep my mind healthy and peaceful and joyful are:

1. Paint: Nothing gives me as much joy, calm and satisfaction, I love the challenge of a blank canvas (how poetic!) and I enjoy the moments when I am met with unexpected magical results. 

2. Mind work-out: I try to be regular at my yoga and ''Pranayam'' , I got a routine prescribed by an amazing Yoga Guru from Calcutta on my last trip.

3. Learn: something new, through a movie or a documentary or a book or a friend. Even from the mistakes and the faux pas. Explore, doesn't have to be calculus or rocket science, but learning rejuvenates and matures one's thinking.

4. Stay Positive: Try not to delve into negativity and divert my mind through productive creative activities. There is so much that I want to do with my photography, journalling, painting, crafting (each of these : extremely therapeutic à moi). 

5. Keep good company: be in the company of healthy, thinking and thought provoking, progressive minds. I enjoy the simplicity, directness and honesty in people, sometimes even to the point of bluntness. I prefer that to conditional love.

Not very complicated, eh?!! I will tag on only after you guys tell me when and how to do that.

Thank you sweetmango, for you I paused and thought this through.


ChrisSavesYouMoney said...

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Annasofia said...

I love your work and I think you seem like such a sweet person, glad I found you through "Chris" (who made the comment below), since I got the same message on my blog. I'm always happy to find blogs like yours, I'll definately bookmark it. And no, I'm NOT comenting here just to promote my own blog, I'm luckily not that cynical... =)

Annasofia said...

One more thing, I read the list in this post, and I thought of something else that gives my life meaning besides hanging out with positive spirits, working out, relaxing and being creative; to stop and look around you, see the beauty in every little thing and enjoy everyday life instead of always looking for something else than what you've already got. I'm sure you do this already though, I know I try to every single day of my life. You've heard it before I'm sure, but why then don't people follow this simple rule of life? It's a cliche cause it's true, right?! =D

Anonymous said...

Dee, I just loved reading about what you do to stay in great "mental shape"!! I think it is so nice to have a glimpse at how we all live our lives :)
Now, all you need to do (if you want to :) is pass this on to five other people. You just nominate 5 people, and place links to their sites on your post and then stop into their blog and tell them to come and visit your blog because they have been tagged...just like I did for you!
If you want any help just sing out :)

Dee said...

Chris: Thank you.

Annasofia: Thank you for visiting, glad you liked it here! Appreciate beauty all around: absolutely, the biggest joy lies in the simplest of things and sometimes it is just in front of our eyes, we just have to be able to ''see''!!

Sweetmango: Thank you for the tip, I shall choose whom to pass it on and let them know, soon---mmmm---today!

Cheers! Love you guys!


Anonymous said...

Dithi - you don't know me but I follow your blog and beautiful work I am an artist at heart - i believe your words are inspiring and speaks to artist side - I to feel my art is therapeutic and when some breakthrough or happy accident happens it is wonderful and this happened to me while making christmas ornaments. i also believe that art inspires art and i can get the creative juices flowing by seeing beautiful work like yours. keep up the wonderful work the christmas wallhangings are devine

Tammy said...

You go girl! Your angel painting is awesome! I'm presently working on one of Mother Mary as my sister's Christmas present. You work is always a joy and inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Your are so right with your belief in truth. Thank you for sharing.

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