Thursday, 11 December 2008

The scene outside: It has been snowing incessantly since yesterday. Last year we did not see this much of snow at all. The pictures here were taken this morning in front of the school that faces our building. The kids got a break from their routine classwork to play in the snow!!!!!!!! 

These two ladies in bright pink coats seemed to be having too much snow fun. 

Now, some snapshots of what happened through the weekend....

Last Friday, our very sweet neighbour and friends Padma and Peter came home for tea. They got us this super cute box of yummy Swiss chocolates! What a treat, once I opened the box, I did not have the patience to click anymore, almost finished the entire box that night itself.

Isn't it pretty?!!! Thank you Padma, Peter. 
Thank you for the warmth, for your love and support.
We had a lovely time.

 Here is a photo of the two of us on the 9th, Arnab's birthday!
I made Zaffrani pulao and Chicken Curry (Bengali ''Kosha'' style). 
A quiet celebration with aromatherapy (winter spice candles that smell of 
cinnamon, star anise and apple), berry cake and Bordeaux! 
That's all for now ladies.
Stay warm, stay fit and drink some mulled wine (I am making some soon)!!
Love and hugs to my beautiful readers and a big hug for your comments, they make my day!


Arch at Rang said...

Nice to see you both:-)

Chocolates, pulav, star anise...sounds super yummilicious:-))

Have fun:-)


Dee said...

Yes Arch, yummy yum yum indeed! I have run out of bengali garam masala and have to get some packs soon, life sucks without it :(((

Connie said...

You two make a beautiufl couple--and what a warm relaxing evening!! Big hugs to both of you!

Peace & Love.

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