Sunday, 14 December 2008

More ornaments/ wooden tablets for Christmas!

I have almost finished making four wooden tablets/ ornaments

Here is a sneak peek!!

''Angel of Peace'' (''Ange de Paix'')
Acrylic on wood, crackled, beeswaxed with vanilla aroma.
Ready to hang!

(They will be listed today by 9:00 pm Geneva time, will post details)

I am adding a video to this post, I sure want to visit santa up there some day!

Hope you are having a great weekend.
à bientôt!


Anonymous said...

Love your new work Dee! Beautiful :)

I have tagged you, it involve listing 5 things you do each day to maintain your 'mental health' you know, keeping everything balanced. If you have too much on this time of the year, then do not worry about it, ok :)

Gufobardo said...

wow, I love your wooden works! ciao

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