Wednesday, 26 November 2008

progress update

This is where I am, near completion but not there yet, not at all.
This is not a very well focused photograph, sorry about that, next one will look better (hopefully).
It has gotten very cold here, I think I need to start drinking ''chocolat chaud'' asap.


Arch at Rang said...

What stunning work! Came in through Vineeta's blog!

Your work is really lovely I especially loved the Bengali wedding lady with the fish in her hand:-)

Will drop by often:-)


Dee said...

Thank you Arch, I visited your lovely blog and that made me so much more nostalgic about Mumbai. Will visit you, and add your link to my page.

Be safe. God Bless Mumbai.

Connie said...

Hey, when you have some spare time could you come over to my studio and we can paint together?!?!?!

Peace & Love.

JafaBrit's Art said...

Beautiful work in so many ways.

kajal said...

Dithi... your work is just out of this world.. visited Kolkata last month and all the pictures flashed the moment I saw your art! Every piece is so colorful! Came in through Arch's blog and I'm so glad I did :)

Dee said...

Connie, hi! How have you been?! I would love to come over and get our hands dirty with paint and gesso and do stuff together, would bring along some cake too!!!

Dee said...

Corrine - Thank you!

Kajal - Glad you liked my work. Do drop in again. Cheers!

Chandan said...

Lovely blog and work you have here. Will be back for more!


Himani Kaushal said...

This are the beautiful piece of art. God has really gifted you with a great and extra ordinary talent. Hope to see more good work from you in future.I'll definately love to visit your page again and again to see more of your work and will add u to my link ...:).Good luck!!

Dee said...

Himani, welcome and am totally pampered with all that encouragement! Thank you!

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