Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Work in progress....

It is a huge canvas, a beautiful shade of grey.

I have started filling in with colour, but I need to be patient with this one.
Will try to finish by tomorrow and post.


nolaa gallery said...

hi dee! I can't wait to see those lovely little birds come to life.
how great you got to see your friend. I am lucky enough to live blocks away from my friend of 30 years, along with, her 3 kiddos, husband, and various animals! eek! i think that makes me really old now that I see it in print! oh well, I am still a kid at heart!
and I am glad you are feeling better as i am dealing with the same thing now! YUCK!
take care my friend,missed you sooo much!

Dee said...

Hey Jen!! Lucky girl you, how I wish I could stay next door to Promita, we did have a blast when we both were in Mumbai together!
I hope you feel better soon, get some warm water with a spoon of honey and lime, or better still, with honey+ginger+crushed basil (works wonders for a soar throat).

nolaa gallery said...

oh my goodness, my dad keeps telling me to get ginger! of course, I have not been listening to him! OOPS! Don't tell him, but now I am going to get some! LOL!

Tammy said...

How wonderful, I've always loved birds and believe that God talks to me by using different birds in my life. This is awesomely inspiring! I bet this is going to be FUN to paint!
Can't wait to see the finished product. Thanks for sharing. =)

Anonymous said...

hey dee, this is seriously good. Could you please tell me what is the medium...is that any kind of ink you use to draw...how did you make this bird picture? Its awesome..i loved those thick strokes. I would appreciate if you could share :)


Dee said...

Hello Kanchan! I have used black acrylic paint for this. Thanks for dropping by!

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