Sunday, 4 January 2009

Fabulous blog award

The lovely Julie-ann from Heavenleigh Art
has chosen me for this ''Fabulous blog'' award!!!!
Thank you Julie-ann (do check out her beautiful paintings, 
I love her huge folk angel artwork).

This also needs me to write about my 5 addictions........
Mmmmm, let me think.....

1. Blogging, Youtube-ing, Facebook-ing, Orkut-ing, Flickr-ing .....
basically spending unhealthy lengths of time with my laptop.
2. Tea, I drink two cups, no, mugs of Indian tea everyday (with breakfast and then again in the evening)! I cannot do without that.
3. Movies, I don't just watch them, I study them! 
4. Music, won't call it an addiction but life is never complete without it.
5.Beautifying the home space. I do tend to get a little paranoid about it at times!!

There you go. Pretty uninteresting huh?!?!?!
I will select five friends that I will pass this on to in the next post.




vineeta said...

Aaah, apart from point 3 the rest hold for me as well. You must share pics of your home here. And if you already have & i havent seen it, do mention it & I will make it a point to take a look that them :)

Dee said...

Vineeta, good to know we share quite a bit in common! I do not have pics of home up on the virtual world yet, will do so soon, and keep you posted on that! :)

Anonymous said...

These a great, love that you need the tea in the morning and night and can wait during the day. That you study the films. Your mind is ticking while watching a film. Homemaking is such good fun!
Thank you for this beautiful post! Was very interesting!

Anonymous said...

Thank you also for your lovely comments of my art too. Really nice to come onto your blog and see these words. so surprising and honoured!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Dee! Another well deserved award.
Beautifying the home had me giggling...I always have people saying, "oh wow you have changed everything around....AGAIN!!! I like everything to be Balanced, and I also need change, I move furniture and layouts and colours etc to match the seasons...hee hee hee, I just can't help it!

Dee said...

Julie-ann, you did read my post very carefully! Thank you! Your artwork is very pretty indeed.

SM: We ladies do make the world a better place to live in, don't we! Thank God for our eccentricities and idiosyncrasies!!! Life is that much more interesting my friend!!!

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Flor Larios Art said...

Very intresting! We both have same addictions, but instead of tea, it is coffee for me...
Congratulations on your award!
Your blog is really FABULOUS!

Anonymous said...

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nolaa gallery said...

Hi girlie! I just left a comment under your Vin Chaud post that I sent you an email last week, but I am doing it under this one too in case you miss that one. I sent you an email last week. Did you get it?
xoxo, jen

Dee said...

Anonymous: Thank you for the lead, very interesting, I might jhust jump in!

Jen, I am writing to you tonight. Love you.

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