Saturday, 3 January 2009

Making ''Vin chaud'' at home!

It is white with snow outside my window. 

Just the perfect weather for a glass of ''Vin Chaud'' (French version of Mulled Wine), 
our favourite drink for cold evenings as this!

It is, as someone rightfully said, ''painfully simple'' to prepare vin chaud.
Throw in your red wine, add an orange (cut into divinely thin slices), some cinnamon (coarsely ground), cloves (optional). I added a generous portion of clear golden mountain honey and a wedge of lime. 

Let it sim, do not let it boil, it will start releasing beautifully spiced vapours that fill the kitchen space with intoxicating aroma in a little while.
Not before long, the drink takes on a beautiful colour and aroma. 

Et voila! The marvellous winter nectar is ready...cheers!



guess what i am going to do in the next five minutes??? give up?I'M GOING TO MAKE VIN CHAUD!! sounds sooo good and i have every ingredient... thanx dee!

Dee said...

Dear Linda, here is another tip (though it is not absolutely necessary, it gives a added punch to your drink, add a little brandy or better still, Swedish Aquavit and some raisins!) Hope you are enjoying home-made vin chaud! Love. Dee.

Anonymous said...

This drink looks devine, mmmmm! I would love to make something like this.

Arch at Rang said...

Oh my!

Have to try it soon:-)

Looks delicious!

JafaBrit's Art said...

OOOH, I think I have to try that :)

Elizabeth Renee said...

I have only just gotten into the blog world but I have been happy to have found yours. Congratulations on a great blog. How is it that you added your artwork to your banner it is so unique and beautiful.

Dee said...

I am so glad this is such a hit with all of you!!!! Best of luck and do let me know how it went!

Dee said...

Elizabeth, welcome to deezden! I made the banner on photoshop with one of my paintings, just basic placement next to each other et voila! It is simple. Also, you can write text on or do lots of other stuff with photoshop. Thank you and hope to see you around soon! Dee.

carlikup said...


megha punater said...

lovely blog,i had loads of this in the christmas markets here in belgium only here its called gluhwijn.
great pictures :)and i love your artwork.

nolaa gallery said...

again, I will be there for some yummy wine with you! How's now? LOL!

Anonymous said...

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Dee said...

Megha, glad you left a message here, got to see your beautiful blog, thank you!

Jen, Thank God you are back!!! Missed you :(((

nolaa gallery said...

hey sweet girl! I sent you an email last week when you left a comment on my blog. Did you get it? I will resend it if you didn't! I was just crazy busy with the gallery and life through the holidays.


ooooh la la!! this looks très bon!!!
can't wait to makes some on one of these cold winter nights!
hhhhmm.. am i missing any ingredients? will have to check!

thanks dee!


pink dogwood said...

don't remember how I found your blog - but love this recipe. This seems like the perfect remedy for my throat and cold ailment that is not letting go of me :)

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