Friday, 6 February 2009

The nose-ring trip!

''Moment of truth''
Mixed media (Acrylic on collage) on stretched canvas
15 cm x 15 cm 

''Bride and parrot''
Mixed media (Acrylic on collage) on stretched canvas 
18 cm x 24 cm 
*will be listed on Etsy soon*

''Alvida'' / ''Goodbye''
Mixed media (Acrylic on collage) on stretched canvas 
20 cm x 20 cm 
*will be listed on Etsy soon*

I think some of these ladies will go up on my banner.
Bon weekend à tous.


Arch at Rang said...

Gorgeous work. The nose-ring inspiration is rocking!


JafaBrit's Art said...

I don't always leave comments, but I do love popping by now and again. Your work is such a joy to behold.

tascha said...


paintedskywoman said...

Lovely as always. The rich colors are like good food.

Chandan said...

love the jewelled nose rings... pretty prety.

Rupa said...

Lovely pics. Just wondering if the first and third are a bit darker than the second one? Not sure if it's the painting itself or just the pic...great work though as always!

nolaa gallery said...

I thought I left you a comment yesterday.. maybe i messed up!
But, I do love your parrots,it always makes me want to get one as a pet!

Dithi said...

Arch: Thanks, I must say I am not yet done with this.

Corrine: Your approval means a lot.

Tascha: With all those capital letters I am totally spoilt!

Renée: Interesting how my paintings often find connections with good food for you :)), it is quite unique!!

Chandan: :)

Rupa: I think the skin tone is slightly lighter in the second, also, the light must have played a role.

Jen: I know, I think I almost feel like I have one that keeps surfacing on my canvases from time to time.



Kardif said...

Beautiful! Also, I tag you. Check out my blog ! Bonne journée xoxox Kat

sunhapol said...

Amazing! Those nose-ring have rich colors and very lovely. Great work.


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