Tuesday, 24 May 2011

কি জানি কিসের লাগি প্রাণ করে হায় হায়

Medium :Acrylics
Support: Gallery wrapped canvas
Finished with gloss and matte varnish
Size: 18cm x 24cm

The text in Bengali says: 'কি জানি কিসের লাগি প্রাণ করে হায় হায়'
- the last two lines in a Tagore poem, roughly translating to:
''I know not why....for what I long
Why my heart does so cry.''

You can hear (and see) the song
in this video below, which is a beautiful scene

In this context, I have to share with you the poster of this 60's film,
that I absolutely love, that has Ray's artwork on it.

Inspiration for one little detail: the tiles on the wall are inspired by these walls
in my maternal aunt's Kolkata home.

It has almost been a couple of months that I didn't blog.
I was slightly pre-occupied with some other engagements.
The Kaamdhenu painting is with my printer
for over a month. I usually deposit the painting
(especially the larger ones) with my wonderful
and very trusted scanner/designer/printer
in town and usually hear back in a day or two to collect.
He has not been reachable since, his office is closed and unreachable
on all the phone numbers of him that I have.
Pablo, if you are reading this, pls call back.
I hope you are OK, safe and in good health.


Sreetama said...

Ki opurbo! Onekta tomar lady with batua'r moto, kintu eta amar aro beshi pochhondo :)

Rachana Saurabh said...

Its beautiful Dithi.. An Awesome post after One month.. :) Good to see you back..

I have sent you an mail, for Invitation to Write a guest post, I am sure you were not able to check that in your busy schedule.

-Rachana Saurabh

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

As always Dithi, apurbo! And Charulatha is one of my all-time favourites! What a gorgeous poster you've shared here...have never seen it before. Really a work of art.

I hope and pray that Pablo is well and that he answers your calls soon!

Sudha said...

glad to see ur post after a while...there is something very mystical and adorable about traditionally dressed women..they r really pretty..loved the new piece

and hope u hear back from the printer soon

Amrita Tripathy said...

honestly, you paintings speak a lot...! i am now in love with ur ladies..! :)


Namrata said...

its gets better and better!! gorgeous paintings..

fRiDa aMoRe PaPiLLoN said...

hey gorgeous!!! Long time no see! Glad to have made my way back to you!

Mugdha said...

Good to see you back with a new post, and a new painting too! I loved the puffed sleeve, with the bunch of keys tied into a knot at the end of the pallu!

Strawberry Amma said...


Preeti said...

First time here..very beautiful creation Dithi:)Ar Charulota amar ekebare favourite..thanx for posting

Jaya said...

Dithi... was missing you! :)
Lovely painting yet again. I love the details.. the tiles in the back, the keys hanging on the pallu and the ring on her. Amazing work. Love it! Thanks!

brinda said...


Dithi said...

@Sreetama: yes, this is her slightly more evolved twin sis!

@Rachana: thanks and all the best with your artwork and blog....am sorry for not having been up to date with my replies, was/still am caught with a few assignments in hand.

@Mamma mia: Thank you, I love the poster and I did hear from Pablo and have my painting back.

@Sudha: Yes, nothing quite beats the pristine charm of traditional garments and in India, we have SO many - each one distinct and equally beautiful.

@Amtrips, Namrata, Mugdha, Anik, Preeti, Jaya, Brinda: thanks ladies!

@Erica: Hi! Long time indeed, thanks for dropping by! Hugs x

Sound Horn Please said...

Welcome back! Lovely painting and I hope ma kamadhenu is safe and all's well with your printer!

Shanthi said...

Lovely painting. There is something so cute about this painting. Loved it.

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