Thursday, 14 January 2010

The ''Batua''

Title: ''Batua'' (or the little pouch bag)
Medium: Acrylic
Size: 18cm x 24cm
The 'Batua' or the little pouch was a bit of a fashion statement in the olden times.
It was used to carry money, betel leaves or 'paan' or other valuables.
My grandmother had quite a collection of these, in a myriad of colours and materials;
some made of velvet and gold embroidery, some were beaded and yet some others
that would have been handcrafted from beautifully hand-printed colourful Indian fabric.
Here is a beautiful example of the batua.

I have been doing quite a bit of shopping in this winter-sale season and
I think she is going shopping too, all made up and
carrying her little fashion statement with her!!
She is wearing the 'Taant' or Bengali handloom saree in the traditional style of drape
with a puff-sleeved blouse to go with it. The black and white checkered floor is also quite a significant design element in the old 'Banedi' Bengali houses.
This painting is not up for sale but I will make prints available at the shop soon.


Parv Kaushik said...

a different and a fresh theme this time... liked the title of the painting... the above pic did not upload fully... may be its a prblm in my net.... another beautiful work!!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous Dee!! Just like you :)
Hope you are staying warm <3

barnalisaha said...

I always like the vibrant play of colors in your work. All your paintings are so warm and welcoming. This one is a treat for the eyes of an onlooker.

Anonymous said...

She is gorgeous! I love how your girls are changing.

Travel Destinations said...

Kemon acche...?
talent at it best......

Travel India

deepazartz said...

Brilliantly beautiful! Love your colours. Batua was and is so much fashion...only the patterns change:)

Megha Chhatbar said...

You style of painting is very distinctive...I love the colors. Header is superb!
Batua- is a painting which portray every women...:) I mean shopping...:)

bLu eYd YoGi said...


Rupa said...

Dee, there is strength in numbers. I hope your readers/friends condemn this blatant act of plagiarism by going to site and writing in the review section that part of the cover painting was stolen with no credit given to the artist! No such option on publishers's site.

Rupa said...

I love it. The details in the painting itself as well the details you provide about various elements in the painting are always so interesting. I love the little lace bordered blouse and the "batua" of course. I can just feel the cotton chintz fabric on that little pouch :)

Dithi said...

Parv: Yes, you can say that, I am quite satisfied with my first portrait of 2010. I hope you can see it next time.

SM: Hello and thank you! I am are you? Long time.

Barnali: Welcome, I think this is your first post here, hope to see you again soon.

Aditi: The girls are changing are they?! Evolution is always a good thing I guess.

Travel Destinations: Ami bhalo, aapni kemon?!!

Dithi said...

Deepazarts: You are right, they are indeed a style statement today as well. I LOVE 'em, especially with Indian outfits!

Megha: Thanks! The 'batua' is one of the things that tell the story of the Indian richness and variety with hand-crafted things, Indian aesthetics and appreciation of art in almost every little thing of use and pleasure. Also, the Indian woman's love for all things beautiful and shopping of course!

Erica: how are you my friend, big kiss to you too!

Rupa: Thanks for the link, I really appreciate your support, thanks for making your voice heard on my blog about this rather disturbing use of images without authorization. Anyway, I will make a post about this and write to them.

Anonymous said...

i found the cover I told you about. Here's an image link

Part of the cover is from a painting by you, right?
Please take this up with Rupa as a serious legal issue.
Hope this helps.


Dora said...

Hi dithi I love ur art style..I am a bengali to so can relate to ur posts very easily

Jennifer said...

I found you tonight on Etsy, I think I was looking for Ganesha related things, and I love your paintings. You are not charging enough for your originals, by the way!!

I am an artist too, and a student now with not much money, but I would love someday to have your work hanging in my home - I just don't know how I would choose!

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