Sunday, 10 January 2010

snowy update

let me take you through snowy Geneva...

holding up
As we stepped out yesterday, to our surprise, she greeted us, right in front our building

There is a primary school in the neighbourhood, now the swing is quiet

It was wonderfully bright today, after a blizzard yesterday evening, I wasn't the only one who came out to enjoy the snow in the sun....

Right in front of a series of cafés, which, to my surprise, were all open
(in Geneva, most places shut down) and full
I was so tempted to take snaps of people inside these warmly lit pretty places
but realized that I am too shy to be a good photo-journalist :(

So, got snaps of the cars on the street right in front, instead...

where I ship out from....
Here is the post office, where all your prints and paintings are shipped out from :)

I have never lived in a place that saw this much of snow .... it is quite something

can you see the mountains at the back, we are not very far away

''un...deux...trois...'' and a collective push
and passers by kept gathering and trying to help.....
several times .......but no luck till then.....
took this snap rather nervously and felt guilty about it

well, some others, were doing just fine, moving around with a dollop on top

and this, my friend, is my pick from what I got this weekend
.....some people sure know how to matter what!!!


Miriam said...

How wonderful to see these photos with lots of snow, but cold, brrrr ... that beautiful flower Hybiscus on that soft carpet of snow! Thank you for your very welcome and unexpected visit to my blog, a dear embrace, hello, Felice 2010!!!

Lakshmi -Celebrations said...

How wonderful dithi,loved each frame ..lovely update

Avin said...

Wonderful pictures and glad to say that it left a smile at the end of it all:)
Thanks for sharing such wonderful pictures.I would say you are a woman with hell lot of talent.Keep rocking.

Parv Kaushik said...

beautiful!!! geneva looks so pretty.... i stay in the plains so no snowfall here!! nice photographs!

Lakshmi -Celebrations said...

Dithi,Lakshmi again
Thanks dear for the New year wish,I nearly forgot:)came back
to wish you a wonderful,lovely and warm wishes for the whole year
love and hugs
will wait for ur comments always..

Veda Murthy said...





vineeta said...

Hey Dithi, Thanx for sharing these pics of where you live and how it is right now. Its a great slice of life post- sending you a warm hug this winter! :)

Rupa said...

Beautiful! It reminded me so much of Montreal where I lived for 18 yrs! French signs all around too :)
Happy new year to you too my friend!

Sreetama said...

Oh no! I kind of hoped it wasn't!
The book is called That Calcutta, Those Bongs by Dipanwita Mukherjee. It's a Rupa publication.
However, I didn't note the publishers name on the copy I saw at the airport. I am fairly certain it's from one of your works. They haven't used the whole painting, just a bit of it I think at the corner , superimposed on another picture. I wish I had picked up the copy! Lemme see if I can find it. Also ask people in Calcutta to look up the title at Crossword.

Dithi said...

Miriam, hi! I was pleasantly surprised when you left a comment in English :), that isn't a hibiscus but more like geranium, am not sure though. Thanks again and big hug back at you.

Lakshmi: Thank you my friend, glad you enjoyed the snow pics.

Avin: Hello and welcome, think this may be your first post here, hope to see you back soon.

Parv:I have never stayed near the mountains before, as a kid I used to want to go and spend time at the hill stations so much. It is quite something... this winter experience!

Veda: Hi and a fantabulous 2010 for you as well. I am not sure about the flower, our concierge maintains these pots of lovelies in front of the building, will ask him sometime.

Vineeta: That last couple of comments from you sure were heart-warming. Thank you.

Sreetama: I can't thank you enough for this info, I found the book, I am going to write to Rupa pub. and see what they have to say about this.

Rupa said...

Dee, so sorry to hear about plagiarism! Worse when a commercial publication stoops to that level. Hope you get compensated along with a big apology for stealing your painting. - Rupa- (No connection to that darned publisher LOL!)

Jaya said...

thanks for visiting my place.
and these pictures are really so good as if I am also visting each corner with you :)..very cold here too.. ...loved the painting of lady with batua:) ...
hugs and smiles

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