Thursday, 8 May 2008

eBay issues :(

I am going crazy trying to create a simple seller's account on ebay.

First of all, as soon I register and put the country as Switzerland' I am directed to a German page with no other language options!!! So forget English, what about the French n Italian speaking population in Switzerland? How do they operate? NO LANGUAGE OPTIONS!!?!!?

Next, I had to use an India address to get access to an English page. Now there is a new problem. I have to use something called 'Paisapay' ( have no clue what it is, equivalent of paypal in India I guess) and I cant price in any other currency but Indian. NO PAYMENT OPTIONS. NO PRICING OPTIONS. I am mad. I am so frustrated.

For anyone who is reading this and has a solution, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP :(((

I have finished a beautiful set of paintings that I was just waiting to be listed on ebay and then I would blog it, but EVERYTHING IS ON HOLD BECAUSE OF EBAY NOW. At this point, my life seems to be ''on hold''. Gosh! Why cant life be a little simpler?

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bLu eYd YoGi said...

hey Dee! i would just fudge & put a US address~

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