Saturday, 21 March 2009

''Pink Lotus'' mini canvas (commission)

Acrylic on canvas 
15cm x 15 cm
Commissioned work

Elements that I was requested to try and incorporate:
''Semi aerial view of a lotus with all hues of pink, dew drops, blue background, leaves''

FlickR photographs that I found while on my little research
before starting work (click on the lotus to go to the corresponding 
FlickR page by birdyboo) :

I exaggerated some elements, but the colours are drawn from 
these, click on the imgage to go to birdyboo's photostream:

A great weekend to all of you.
Thank you for the prolific comments on the 'Lalita' post. 

On a personal front, pressure is mounting .... to go back to a ''real'' job, 
so I have to make some serious choices now. 
I don't see myself without my artwork anymore,
but I have to wait and see how this plays out. 



Connie said...

I love this!! Of course. I love everything you paint!

Peace & Love.

linda cardina said...

nice colors.

Sharanya said...

dew-drops looks soooo real

Renée E. Bédard said...

Yummy colors dee.

LuLu said...

Bonjour Dithi! Quelle merveilleuse peinture! I love the the bold dramatic colors, it looks almost good to eat! Very simple and very nice. Je comprends tes doutes as to if you should find a real job or not. I think the best choice is to continue painting and try to find a "real" job related to art, where you can still use your talents and not be too frustrated with work. Have a wonderful Sunday! LuLu

Peachy Cheek said...

This is so beautiful! I love it.

I love the bright colors of the pink, greens and blue.

Just stunning!


pink dogwood said...

love it, love it

Dithi said...

Hey you guys! Thanks for the prompt posts on this colour-burst mini!

Lulu: c'est la vie mon amie! On n'a pas de choix quelque fois :(! Je vais essayer de continuer avec mon arte. Je vraiment l'ai besoin.

Magdalena said...

Oh, Dithi... This. Is. Awesome!

I'm at a loss for words. Thank you :)

language_culture@ideology said...

your work is lovely! How did you train yourself in this work?

Dithi said...

language_culture@ideology: Hello! I have only developed my work through practice, trial and error. My taste is heavily influence by the ethnic and folk, Indian colours and patterns. Thanks for your interest:)!

Anonymous said...

The dew drops look so real that I could reach out and catch one on my fingertip! Great work, Dithi!

Dithi said...

Thanks Aditi! i know, i usually want to make things look ''real'', but i made an exception here, no fun painting a dew drop if it doesn't look real!! hehe!

fanta5magor1a said...

you have a perfect works, go on creating them! i hope your future work will succsessfully enjoy your art views!))

Emily said...

you are an inspiration: no matter what type of work you are going during for your official 'job.' :) thanks for sharing your art.

nollyposh said...

The only answer... TEACH! X:-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Dee,

Kamon aacho? Lots of commissions..hmm..:-). Great! Its a blessing when one can turn a passion into a vocation...of course the sometimes the sheer joy and freedom of painting/writing what you want goes away, but it still feels good to be able to turn that passion into a job.

I'm saying this because of that para in your post about a "real job". I get this feeling sometimes too...and feel like I should be on staff of a magazine, earning a pay packet every month, working 9 to 9. But then I also realize that freelance writing (and in your case art) can be a career too...its different but it is a job too. Do think about it. (i know i know...i sound like a grandma...apologies).


Dithi said...

Thanks everyone!

Chandana: The choice of anything else over art will happen (if it has to) if there is a choice no more.

Anonymous said...

I have been reading through your blog and I hope you will always be able to choose to be an artist!!

flaming coppercat said...

i love your style, it's so wholesome! amazing...

Arch at Rang said...

Vibrant colours!


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