Tuesday, 11 August 2009

View of the city & the Airshow 2009 from
the North Tower of St. Peter's Cathedral,
Old town,


Anonymous said...

hi dithi
i am amazed at your work actually zapped you are damn good !!!!
ok i know i need to send u guys the pics but give me 2 or 3 days still need to get my camera hooked to the computer . well i was looking really silly smiling in the flight( i guess so )because the i was thinking of Brad pitt we saw in Geneva and the shah rukh look alike !! pls keep in touch and regards to Arnab as well: from Sushmeta

Dithi said...

Hi Sushmeta!

you are very generous with your feedback, thank you! We had the most wonderful time full of hilarious surprises, isn't it? Both of us will surely keep in touch and you must plan more (and longer) stays in Geneva soon :). Much love. dee

Miriam said...

Ciao dithi
ho un riccordo molto sfumato di Ginevra, ci sono stata di passaggio per un viaggio, ma ero solo una ragazzina. Comununque ho un bel ricordo, bellissima città!
Un caro abbraccio!

Rupa said...

Beautiful pic! I am sucker for beautiful, culturally rich cities and I ALWAYS dream of travelling (full time if I could afford it LOL!). This pic makes me dream of distant places...my neighbor just got back from Switzerland!

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