Wednesday, 17 February 2010

A thank-you-giveaway!

Hello beautiful people!
Here are some happy updates from Feb-so-far...
I designed an ad for my shop that went up on all of last week;
a very popular place for almost all Etsians to hang out,
browse through interesting picks,
check the heart-o-matic
and even promote their items!

CraftCult ad

The shop sales crossed 100 in Feb and, that too, in my birthday week !
The shop-hearts crossed 250 and the blog now has
192 lovely readers who follow the posts.
I have been slightly laid back (to put it mildly) in 2008-09
so far as the listings were concerned.
That is not a bad thing considering the fact that I focussed more on the painting,
slightly more than the shop make-over, promotion and stuff like that.
So far as tending to my shop goes, all that will change this year
...the new banner and new listings are only a part of that change-for-the-better.

I love operating through Etsy for of many reasons,
one of them being a format and some unique features
that are so helpful for the buyers as well as the sellers.
The option of leaving a feedback on a shop being one of them.
A great way to learn how your clients feel about your product
and a great reference point for future prospective collectors.

If you are an Etsian, I would highly recommend making full use of this feature;
it is the best way you can encourage a seller, thank a buyer,
highlight the positives and even upload an appreciation photo!!
I love to see photos of my artwork from
the homes and creative spaces of my wonderful collectors
and I want to thank all of you who have been so kind as to share with me the same.
Recently, I received this photograph in my Etsy mail:

Judy's frame

I love the way the print had been matted and mounted.
I could not resist requesting Judy, the collector,
to send a snap of her with the framed print if possible.

In this photo: Judy with her grand-children and the framed 'Naani's Lullaby print.

I was really touched when I saw your photo Judy,
there is so much love in this capture.
I felt really bad for having given you the trouble,
for any inconvenience that this may have caused,
but I can't tell you how much I will treasure this.
Thank you for your love and kindness.

Now, as promised in my previous post, I have a give-away for you my readers!
It is a print of my 'Lalita Sundari' painting on A4 archival paper
(watermarks will not appear on the print)!
To enter the draw, enter your name and a comment after this post.
You have time until next Sunday, 28 Feb, 8 pm Geneva time, best of luck!
I will announce the winner, take your address and ship this print out soon after!
Thank you for all the birthday wishes!

***Comments are now closed , I'll announce the winner later today***


ninja said...

Dear Dithi,
I have been following your blog for the past few months and thoroughly enjoy each and every post of yours. Its a pleasure to see the rich color palette of your paintings, bringing forth your connection with Bengal in far far away Geneva.


Nirja said...


Footloose and Screwloose said...

Hi Dithi,

I have been checking your etsy shop for two months now, trying to pick four prints to order :) It has been an exercise in vain ): And thanks for posting the link to the song that was the muse for one of your paintings.



Lolo said...

This nani has received it destiny.perfect match.And all the best for your endeavours.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Dee on your success! I cant think of a more deserving person. Your work is just stunning but you know that I love it, I have one of your earliest pieces in my lounge and I adore it.
Much love to you

Megha Chhatbar said...

Hi Dithi,

I just admire your work so much that I continuously check your posts! I have been following this amazing blog for many months and I just love to come repetitively...
Your work is genuine and very distinctive. Keep it up!
I want that painting! I want it! I want it! I want it...:)

deepazartz said...

Dear Dithi

I am a recent addition to your follower list. Love your art and they are a source of inspiration.

Would love to win your work as well...Keeping my fingers crossed:)

Good Luck!
Warm Regds

Preethi Prabhu said...

Congratulations on your Success. I have been visiting your blog for sometime I love your paintings my favorite being the Bengali bride that was unfortunately stolen. Let me know when you are selling it on etsy.

GB73 said...

Hi Dithi,

My first time commenting, though I've been following your blog via google reader. Love your art- you're very talented. Hope I win, thanks for the giveaway!!

Best wishes,


Tanima said...

Hi Dithi,

I'm still trying to figure out which of your prints to buy, but in the meantime I enjoy reading your blog, especially when you talk about new projects that you are working on!

Sameera Mahendru said...

Love your work!

Shikha said...

a silent admirer finally posts a comment..for those beautiful eyes:)

Sunita said...

Absolutely love and adore your style !! You are a great inspiration.

Thanks so much for the giveaway.. :)

ilikaz said...

I follow your site dithi- off and on. But i think my daughter Iona does it more with her baba (dad). They do it for two reasons- we like your brown-skinned, doe-eyed bengali ladies with the big kumkum dots on their forehead and all the mythology and mystic that surrounds your presentation which is so colourful and 'typically bengal'. Sitting far away from from 'gram Bangla' and our roots this makes us feel closer to home. Iona who is 4 years now and has started grasping things likes it for 'lokhki pyacha' (owl), 'padma phool' (lotus), tiya pakhi (parrot), kaktua (cuckatoo) and for durga thakur and Shiv thakur. Needless to say, we like this as parents cause iona might never get a chance to ever live and experience india the way we did when young. Isnt it amazing how one can inspire people not just through art but through factes which you perhaps are even unaware of? Keep your good work going.

Pooja said...

Hi Dithi,

I have been following your blog for quite some time now and love your work! I would like to try my luck at your giveaway!


Pooja said...

Hi Dithi,

I have been following your blog for quite some time now and am in love with your work!
Would like to try my luck at your giveaway!


Pooja said...

Hi Dithi,

I have been following your blog for quite some time now and am in love with your work!

Keep up the good work!


~mE said...

Congrats dithi :)Its really special when people appreciate your art :)

I want it :) i mean lalitha sundari

Shillu said...

Hey Dithi - Absolutely Love your work (with loads of admiration)! I wish I could own one of your aintings one day! I will be so happy!!!

bindu said...

hi Dithi, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your comments. Your paintings are gorgeous - all of them! I love your painting-style. Keep creating.

cindy said...

beautiful work! i love it!


indiaartist said...

Happy Birthday to you. Have fun painting and keep making beautiful art.

Kardif said...

I love your Artworks !
Have a nice day ;)
Bonne journée !


Jai Jonal said...

I recently bought one. I love to have another one.

Amit said...

Hey Dithi - I gave all my copies to mhy mom ! Have to order some more.

Betsy said...


As our family gets closer to an adoption from India, I am even more grateful for your artwork. We want our home to reflect the rich culture through images and color that India offers. Thank you for adding such a special touch to our home. I look forward to collecting more of your art in the future!


Justineflow said...

Dear Dithi,

Thank you so much for the two prints I recently received...another utterly delighted customer to add to your list!
I am so happy to have some of your work adorning my walls...something to remind me of the beauty and colour of a country I spent many beautiful years in many moons ago..
I'll be back.



SUIRAUQA said...

Dithi, I just left feedback for the purchases at Etsy, but after I clicked 'submit' I couldn't see them anymore. The Etsy feedback system leaves a lot to be desired, unfortunately. Would you mind letting me know if you've received the feedbacks? Thanks.

MM said...

hi dithi,
i think my daughter is hooked with your art NOW!! one more crazy fan is forming in my out!!!

Divya said...

Dear Dithi,
This is the first time i am visiting your blog, just clicked on a link i found at Once upon a Tea time...Design Stories. I just love your paintings. It would be an understatement to say that they took my breath away. Oh, if only i had your talent, i would never stop painting!
I will definitely be visiting your blog regularly.

Lynn said...


I now have four of your lovely prints - and they make me smile everytime I look at them! You are so incredibly talented!

Hoping to win this print so I can give it to a good friend (since I refuse to part with the ones I bought!!).

Lynn Nazareth

mixdbrew said...

This is purely in the greed of laying my paws on your amazing work! I'm drooling all over the floor :) I already have a print of your 'Lalita-Sundari', but it wouldn't hurt to own another ;) I know, i know, i sound all greedy and all, but hey! there's a gorgeous piece of art involved!

The Print Lover said...

You are truly talented. And beautiful!

Belated Bday wishes

A said...

Hi Dithi,

First time here..Someone mentioned about you on Facebook on a friend's wall as she is also into painting. Must say, you are one talented girl! Belated birthday wishes too.

Best wishes,

barnalisaha said...

A little poem for you:

When there will be a dearth of light
Your works of art will pave your way
The beauty you create will stay on
Even thought time's tree might sway
The colors bright of a shinning morrow
Singing lost tales of a land in dream's barrow
The lore Bengal is indeed so pretty
For eyes that have lost the beauteous city
The goddess of wealth or the parakeet green
You world of illustration has one rare sheen
The touch of motherland, loved by heart
Bringing torn souls together by the power of art

Love and admire you and your creations.

Big fan:-)

Anu said...

Hi there

Enjoy the vibrant paintings on this blog and reading it. And the one Judy is holding is the exact one I got for my Aunt!


pink dogwood said...

I would love to win one of these - thanks :)

Lydie PETIT said...

Dear Dithi
I completely fell in love with your art.
The colors and how each piece is poetic and full of sweet emotions. I've purchased my first of yours and I can't wait to receive it, here in Australia.
I will definitely buy more, I just can't decide which one yet!
Warm Wiches from Sydney


Maria Vivish said...

Hey Dithi,
Am the proud owner of 2 of your gorgeous doe-eyed Bengali women paintings and I am so glad for the beauty they bring to my home. Thanks very much!

Nat said...

Hi Dithi,

My boyfriend got me one of your paintings for Valentine's day! I just loved the surprise! Thank you for the extra lotus print that you sent! Loved it!!!!

I can't wait to see more of your paintings!!!

Designwali said...

I have the nani print bookmarked as the next piece to buy. Then I will get my mom to pose with my kids and send it to you too!

I love your work! Can't wait to see what lies ahead in 2010.

a true canadian fan, Sundeep

Jay said...

Hi Dithi,
Your pictures represent the essence of " amar santan jeno thakey dudhe bhatey" . Your depiction of Annapurna is a new concept and all your paintings have a wonderful story just like a painting should be.
Have you ever thought of making a series on Shakuntala or Sita with Luv Kush...
Wishng u belated happy B'day.
Jay Bandyopadhyay

chandana said...

Hey Dithi,

Congrats on your success, ans like I have always said...I adore your art.

Wish you all the best!


Chandana Banerjee said...

Hey Dee!

Congrats! love your art.

- Chandana

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on all your achievements. I am regular to your blog and I love your style and colors.

Best Wishes

tealover said...

Hi Dithi! Discovered you recently on blogger, such awesome work! I LOVE colors,so you can imagine how much I love your work which use rich and vibrant hues.

Since Ive been having a luck streak for few days(been getting the "z" and "X" and "J" in Scrabble these days :D), I'd like to enter this giveaway :)


Veda Murthy said...

Oh i missed it! good luck to all the others who participated!

Mira said...

Hi Dithi,

I'd seen this video and one of my artworks was plagiarised and pasted on the wall. I have a sinking feeling one of those works is yours too. Do watch and have a look yourself

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