Friday, 3 December 2010

Shree Hanuman sketch

I'll be leaving for India next Thursday, the 9th of Dec,
will be back in Feb.
I'll try to blog from India, but you know how
crazy it gets when you go home after 2 long years :)
Much love to all DEEZDEN readers,
for the unconditional love, support, all the emails you write to me
and all the orders you placed with in 2010.
For those of you who didn't know,
here is my FB page, drop by to get shop updates or just a 'hi' :)
Love and hugs x


Shweta said...

Very Beautiful. I must say this is the most awaited sketch. Good work Dithi! I am sure the colourful Hanuman ji will be even more fabulous. Waiting.......................

Sudha said...

so beautiful D...most beautiful eyes i have ever seen

Rupa said...

Gorgeous sketch! Your sketches are so proportionate, I guess that grid system you follow has been perfected by you! I will surely miss updates on your blog. Wish you a very happy journey and a new year too!!! Have loads of fun and come back utterly inspired by the colors/sounds/art/music/food and everything else in India!

Sudar said...

you have a good artistic sense but when depicting gods and mythological figures take care to follow the basics features. i can understand artistic license but it shouldnt be totally unrealistic and a culture shock. Hanuman with a mustache doesnt look agreeable at all. Even with some commonsense when have you seen a monkey with a mustache.

Dithi said...

Thank you Shweta, I'll not be painting this right away as I'll be traveling quite a bit. But, will be working on sketches instead for pieces that I can start once am back to Geneva in 2011.

Sudha: Thank you!

Rupa: Thank you, I used to think that I have a tendency of not making things too proportionate and symmetrical. I read in a drawing book as a kid that a slight asymmetry is more appealing visually than perfect symmetry, somehow stuck with me that idea. Of course, while drawing portraits, one has to keep in mind the proportions and symmetry of the two sides, but I still tend to leave certain details unrefined. Good to know that it works!
Many thanks for your wishes, I might post from India 'coz I know, I'll miss you too.

Dithi said...

@Sudar: Really appreciate your honest feedback. And actually 'Thank you' for pointing out the graveness/unacceptability of the moustache on Hanumaan-ji. It compelled me to research a little bit more and this is what I found:

1)Hanumanji of Salangpur(a.k.a. Sarangpur): a),_Salangpur

2) Vijaydurg Fort Hanuman idol dating back to 1656:

3)Jarandeshwar (Hanuman / Maruti) on Jaranda fort:

So, artists 'have' rendered Hanuman-ji with a moustache, much before I did.I realize that this is not a common depiction of Hnauman-ji, and I am sorry if this has hurt your/anyone else's religious sentiments in any way. I did not mean to show any disregard to mythological renditions. In fact, I take a lot of inspiration from the same and study my subjects before drawing/painting them.

In response to 'Even with some commonsense when have you seen a monkey with a mustache.' would like to add: please do not compare Hanumaan-ji with a 'monkey'. Art is not always about common-sense, it is sometimes about letting your mind's eye see beyond obvious and the stereotype.

Many thanks again and will look forward to hearing from you again.

Rupa said...

Dee, you have just made me think about that asymmetry rule. My tendency is to make everything in life symmetrical (I am one of those that likes books arranged neatly in a stack LOL!). I also want to add that you are a graceful lady who handles criticisms (even when they are expressed a bit rudely) very gracefully! Never lose that wonderful quality, it's not easy to come by :)

Lakshmi -Celebrations said...

what i know is hanumanji has alittle beard around his chin,isnt it dithi.anyway it doesnt look inappropriate.good work dithi,keep it up

Geeta said...

Any chance you can fit me in your suitcase? Have a wonderful trip!

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