Friday, 4 April 2008

Remembering Thamma

My grandmom or 'Thamma' as we call her, was a very dynamic and vivacious individual. Ahead of her times, oozing talent, she held her own and did what she wanted. I have very fond memories of her sitting on a daybed by a window that overlooked the rose garden, on cold winter afternoons, knitting pulls for almost everyone we knew. Needless to say she had trunks of wool in all possible colours that went with her everywhere. She would read all the newspapers in town, read all the time. Her signature chicken curry was out of the world. Full of 'joie de vivre', she played the piano and the 'esraj', travelled a lot, made everyone laugh, pampered us endlessly. I see her as a young, poised, graceful, beautiful lady who thinks and takes control of her life.


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Brahdelt said...

That's a beautiful way to honor your Grandmother! *^v^*

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