Tuesday, 1 April 2008

The Red tufted Cockatoo

......collaged a nursery rhyme to this mixed media piece in my native language 'Bengali'.. says:

Laal jhuti kakatua

dhorechhey je bayena

Chai taar laal phite

chiruni aar ayena
(A red-tufted cockatoo / has got a whim / She wants a red ribbon / a comb and a mirroir)


Roshan said...

Your paintings remind me of school days.....you used to drawwell...great to see you are into your hobbies once more....Great Job
Roshan- A very old friend

Subhalakshmi said...

I am very proud of you Dithi dear... Your works are full of life! SO easy to relate to them... All I can say is GO KICK IT OFF GIRL!!! All the best!

Pramita said...

well well well let me be very clear before i comment... i want this canvas. This is for me and only for me...before anybody falls for it. It touched my heart the moment i saw the girl and the cockatoo. i instantly connected the image with my childhood days..u are brilliant...your paintings brings out your beautiful inside, makes me feel so close to your inner feelings. They are giving a new face to my life. Nothing should drift you away from such creative energies. Hoping to see many more ...love u.

Dee said...

Thanks folks! Am glad you like my work. Am learning lots of different things now. Journalling a lot. Uploading, blogging and preparing to launch my shop.

Rituparna said...

ai tor chhobi gulo oshadharon...you were always brilliant with the canvas and your paintings remind me of the college days when you used to do it for all of us who needed to pass our art class. Tor paintinger character gulor chokhh gulo kotha bole. Keep it up - Ritu

bLu eYd YoGi said...

Dee! are yo uSERIOUS??? your art is AMAZING!!! it is WONDERFUL! you should start selling ~ TODAY! your journal pages are amazing! your paintings are AMAZING! YOU are amazing!!! if you can't part with your originals, you can always have "prints" made~ which are really nothing more than a good quality photograph!
oh my! you are AWESOME!!! can i put a link to your blog on my blog??? AND~ when you DO decide to sell, PLEASE, let me know right away! i'd love to own something of yours!!! AND~ if you are interested in TRADING art~ i LOVE that!
...AND~ i wonder if you would be interested in doing a fun trade/swap? I'll paint you~ and you paint me, then we SWAP paintings? that would be awesome!
you are FABULOUS! you are my new inspiration!!! thank YOU!!!

Anonymous said...

After all the previous comments, my words would seem like repetition..still, congrats! great job! well done.

Few comments:- for a critical perspective, not very important, a relative taste with a few details....

1. The English translation missed out the mention of the "mirror".
2. I would have preferred the picture to be a little more symmetric, for an overall view...to include the concept of "mirror" image.
3. The scripts of the song are well written and disguised with color effects...a little differentiation between the 2 "N's" in Bengali alphabets would have incresed the detailing aspect

Still its easy to be said than done...and you did it! which we cannot..ever in our life....so kudos!


Dee said...

Thanks everyone!

For the last comment posted by SB, so far as the traslation is concerned, I sourced it from the web itself, great point, where is the ''mirror''?!!! Let me add the mirror.

Its not so much about mirror image as far as 'my' perspective goes. I placed the bird right where the girls ''heart'' is....sybolism....and its about finding your bliss...about finding what your heart REALLY wants and folowing it. Its about the girl finally giving it to the 'bird's' constant craving for what it wants. I have taken up art after a long long time...and THIS IS my bliss...this is what MY red tufted cockatoo really wanted!!!! The lettering feedback is terrific. Thanks for taking time uot n stuying my work, appreciate it.

Dee said...

Now that I know who the 'SB' is....it makes me the happiest to know that this painting got you to write a message out to me in a long long long time!!! And knowing YOUR standards, thatz surely a HUGE compliment and encouragement. Thanks...u r a sweetheart. Hugs. Dee.

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