Thursday, 9 April 2009

The Fortune-tellers

Acrylic on canvas board
22cm x 14 cm each

Reference Photograph:

Photograph fromVaruniyer91's photostream on Flickr 
(click on the image to visit his photostream)
I have never tried this but will surely track down the nearest fortune-telling parrot
''show'' to get my own share of parrot-advice next time I go home!

For all of you who are not familiar with this strange,
 funny and very entertaining practice,watch this :


Rupa said...

I love your paintings. You already painted beautiful parrots, this is just your cup of tea. Having said that, seeing any birds in a cage makes me very sad :( They were born to be free and flying in the wild...just my opinion.

Dithi said...

Rupa: Great to hear from you (I guess its been quite some time). I am drawn towards parrots now, more than ever. I think the obsession swings between painting women and these beautiful birds. The cage makes me sad too and I like that about these paintings. Most often my artwork has been about festive joy and celebration, this is new. Also, the 'Fortune-telling parrots' was a subject too interesting for me to skip.

Renée E. Bédard said...

Love the green. It is so electric.

aka paintedskywoman

pRiyA said...

Hi Dithi,
I see these fortune telling parrots on the pavement all the time. I've often thought of drawing them.
Your two pictures are stunning, the way you've stylized them from the photograph and made it your own.

Dithi said...

Renée: Love green:)

Priya: Thank you. Coming from you, the feedback is ''precious''. I would love to see your rendition (sketch).

Tammy said...

Gorgeous, Gorgeous birds!

Deborah Ross said...

What happy colors but unhappy birds to be shut in a little cage. I've never heard of this before, so thanks for sharing.

Arch at Rang said...

These are lovely:-)

Lovely rendition!


Fernanda R. Lima said...

Beautiful parrots!! Everything you paint is lovely.. i´m a big fan!

Dithi said...

Tammy: Thank you

Deborah: Birds in a cage never a happy sight. But, these parakeets somehow seem to be having fun with these cards!

Arch: Thank you.

Fernanda: Very generous, as always.

Katia Peshakova said...

your paintings just wondeful! i loke your stile very much! i have interest make art barter with you. Please come to my page and choice any work you like. Let me know about it and i will send it to you. From your side i will be glad to get same waluable present/

with best regards, kate.

vineeta said...

Loved your new banner dithi! & I simply adore this new parrot painting! The signage on top looks great.

Dithi said...

Kate: Thank you very much for the suggestion, however, I am afraid it won't be possible for me to take part in an exchange right now.

Vineeta: It was high time I changed the banner, my work has moved on you know. Have been playing with photoshop and though I am not super satisfied with this one, it will do for a while.

flaming coppercat said...

fortune telling parrot?!? :/ god knows what else they will make these poor animals do...

great drawing, i love the poses and expressions of the parrots :)

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