Monday, 20 April 2009

Re-structuring blog

Do you like the three-columns template 

the previous two-columns one???? 
I am thinking....


bLu eYd YoGi said...

Hey SWEET friend! Did you know~ There are no shortcuts to anyplace WORTH going?~ (yes! you DO know that!)
Love you sweet pea!

Miriam said...

Difficile dare qualche giudizio o consiglio per la tua "Ri-strutturazione". Allo stato attuale è già tutto così bello...
Complimenti per la tua Arte, i tuoi colori, i tuoi lavori sono stupendi! é un davvero un piacere averti incontrata...
(P.s.:Grazie per aver introdotto l'opzione "Traduzioni").
Un caro saluto

Anonymous said...

I liked the 2 columns version.

Magdalena said...

I like(d) the 2 column version much better.

Ghost said...

I see some difficult about sliders and youtube. Your words and your works are the gem of this blog.
I could read you even in six columns. bye.

Sonia said...

Hi- I prefer the 2 columns - kind of looks crowded with 3

msartist said...

Your art and blog are beautiful.
You are an inspiration whether it be 2 or 3 columns :)

Arch at Rang said...

I like the 3 column. The white background is a perfect canvas for your colourful paintings.

Looks more organized & structured, since you have loads happening on your page:-)

Thumbs up for this layout!


Dithi said...

Miriam: Thank you, BIG HUG!

Aditi, Magdalena, Sonia: mmm, would you still say that with the white background? I mean does it look slightly lighter now?

Louis: :)

Theresa: Thank you for the unconditional support, means a lot you guys.

Arch: that is a relief to finally know that may be this can work.

Anyway, do drop in if you can again as I may be adding the final details over the next few days. Only when I am done with my re-formating will I post, I have just SO MUCH waiting to be posted, photographs from the art fair and book fair that just got over in Geneva.

More soon.

Fernanda R. Lima said...

I miss your FABULOUS RED background!!

Magdalena said...


The two main things about the 3-column layout that I'm not very fond of is that there is so little space between the columns (feels crowded), and the uneven alignment of the content horizontally (looks a bit messy).

I personally believe more space between the columns would allow the page to breathe more easily... more air - more energy, it's as simple as that :)

Also, I agree with Fernanda. I absolutely loved the warm red colour, and I think it made your site stand out even more. White is fine too, but has a totally different energy. Not better or worse, just different!

However, it's all about art and freely expressing oneself - isn't it? You are the artist here, so go with what you feel for! I'll definitely be coming back for more, enjoying it just as much regardless of colours, columns etc..! :)

Thanks for being absolutely fantastic, Dithi!

floresazuladas said...

Hola! tustrabajos son excelente, me ecnanto el color y me gusta mucho tu cultura o lo que conozco de ella. El trabajo de los loritos es excelente. Pasate si queres por mi blog y te invito a que te pongas como seguidora, un abrazo

Marguaritte said...

Yes, this re-structure definately looks clearer to me. Me likey...

Miriam said...

Come va la tua Ri-strutturazione?
Un grande abbraccio e buona giornata!

Chandan said...

Hi Dee!!
Love the new look of the den. Esp the blog header it is awesome.!

Dithi said...

Fernanda: I know, I was missing it too initially.

Magdalena: First of all, thank you for participating in this 'coz the feedback helped me get clarity of thought about what looks better. I agree with you about the warmth of that textured red background and I think the present template manages to retain that to some extent.

At times, the red was over-powering and the photographs that I posted struggled (exaggerating here) to be seen.

What I have done now helps separate the three columns distinctly yet helps me continue with a warm Indian colour palette.

Florsazuladas: Gracias

Marguaritte: :)!

Miriam: la ristrutturazione è buona per ora, grazie, sperano che abbiate avuto un grande fine settimana anche!

Chandan: I like it too, finally have reached at a decision about how I want deezden to look. Will let this template stay for a while now.

THANK YOU all you guys for the constant feedback. Really helped. Am back to painting again. BIG KISS.

Magdalena said...

Hey Dithi, this looks great! Well done :)

Rupa said...

Dee, 3 column is neat but the middle column feels squeezed :) As for the color, although red is one of my fav colors, it was a bit dark particularly making it hard to read the purple writing on two cents :)

Anonymous said...

Your blogs looks great, can see so much more of your written and painted art! Brilliant!

Sonia said...

I liked the red, but really like the colours you have now. Plus they work with the 3 columns and the overall design is very nice :)

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