Thursday, 7 May 2009

Flowers for you

The Sun is finally shining bright and keeping us warm and cheerful.

The flower clock is bursting with colours and 
the jet d'eau peeks from the back as the tourists take turns to pose in front.

The Geneva lake front has been beautifully tended to and 
every little corner filled in with colour.

The little red train goes around town and 
every once in a while you hear its bells ring!

These ladies are soaking up the sun at the lac Léman, just as everyone else.

..with my moleskin and the camera...
 to spend all day on lush green garden lawns was fun!

A friend brought us the most beautiful lilacs from his garden
..their perfume still lingering in the apartment...

This one is for you, my lovely, thoughtful readers 
who took time out to leave me notes as I was doing the html for the blog.
Enjoy the brilliance of spring!


nolaa gallery said...

oh lilacs are my favorite and they are here for such a short time! it's not fair!
you look so cute drawing on the lawn! you are just a busy little bee!
love, jen

Lynda said...

Those are very pretty flowers. Looks like you had a lot of fun :)

Sonia said...

Lovely photos! Geneva looks very nice.

I'm being nosey now :), but just wondered who the lady is in the black & white photograph

Dithi said...

HI Jen! Long time, how have you been my friend?! I am sure you have been a busy bee too:)

Lynda: Thanks, I did unwind in the sun and spring time bliss.

Sonia: Thank you Sonia. That is my mom, photo taken by dad in Kashmir.

Sonia said...

My mum has black & white photos taken of when she lived in India (think they were when my parents were newly married)and the photo reminded me of those.

mon espace said...

Hey there...first time on your blog and all the brilliant colors took my breath away...lovely pictures..nice write up's..keep up the good work :)

bLu eYd YoGi said...

hey there sweet dEE dEE! your blog looks fabUlous-o! wish i was on the grass with you~ sketchin!
LOVE you!

Miriam said...

Le tue foto sono bellissime, rispecchiano molto di te...
Ti auguro una radiosa giornata!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dithi,
This is my first comment on your blog. Your paintings and blogs are really nice. I live in USA and I know how we feel as an immigrants. The attatchment with the motherland and anything to do with it is very stong for lot of us. I didn't know anything about blogs and only 3 months back I was introduced to the beautiful world of blogging. Whenever I feel alone , I just check the blogs and I feel much better. I have a request for you. I collect interior design and art books about india and in one of the pictures I could see that you also have wonderful collection of books. Can you please share the list of books you have, so that if I am missing anything I can buy that too. Again thank you for your time.

sree said...

Hi Dithi,
I love your blog. I live in USA and love anything to with India. Your paintings and blog are awesome. I have a request for you. I collect interior design and art books about india and have a huge collection. In one of your pictures I have seen some of the books you have collected. Can you please let me know the list of books you have about India interiors and art. So that if I am missing anything I can collect them too. Thank you for your time and please keep painting and blogging. Thanks again.

Dithi said...

Sonia: this photo of ma was also taken soon after their marriage! love the romance of these black n white images.

Mon espace: bienvenue et merci beaucoup!

Erica: i do hope we do that someday:)

Miriam: Thank you and hope you are having a great weekend!

Anonymous: I know that feeling of missing home as you try to get acclimatised to a new place. I am glad you like this blog and sure, I will make a post on my books.Thank you.

Sree: Welcome and thank you. I will make the post about my books on art and interior design next.Be sure to check back.

Arch at Rang said...

I am loving the warm fuzzy feeling that candles impart.
The collection of books, the flowers, candles and those lovely paintings are just amazing:-)


pRiyA said...

very, very beautiful pictures. i remember being enchanted by the flower clock as a child.

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