Sunday, 17 May 2009

Two Recent Features on Blogland: Thank you

I have been meaning to make this post for quite some time. 
As you can see, my blog posts have been suffering lately. 
Anyway, before resuming, I just want to share with you two links where 
my work was featured. Thank you so much you guys, both posts are lovely.

The Feature on Ghost's blog Clearnuance is in Italian, 
you can use the google translater to read. 
Ghost says that ''Clearnuance is a blog concerning images reflecting sensations''
Well I am glad that my portraits get a place in this rather interesting theme!

all the way from Brazil.
The original post is in Portugese, so I put a link to the translated English version.
I am amazed at the knowledge and adoration for India
 and its ancient traditions in this lovely blogger's space.

Thank you both for the features.

I hope you guys are having a super weekend and hey, I will be back real soon with a post 
on request, a sneak peek into my books on art and design.
Check back soon ;)!


Authors said...

Hi Dee, Your work is lovely. I like the way you have created the composition of the Godess with the child in the lap. Great work. I would like to blogroll you if it is ok with you. Please visit my blog at and let me know if I can include you in my blog list. Parvathy.

Ghost said...

Just two words for you, Dithi:
thank you.

Miriam said...

Cara Ditfi sono felice di averti incontrata, il mio grazie va anche al caro e magico Ghost che ha permesso questa magia!
Buona giornata

Dithi said...

Parvathy: Hello! Thank you and welcome, I am happy that you liked the blog and artwork. I will hop over soon.

Ghost: You are welcome!

Miriam: Thank you!

uday said...

Hey, after long time i sow G8 painting work.... really lovely work.
bye for now

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