Sunday, 12 July 2009


'Portrait of Runa'
30 cm x 30 cm
Acrylic on Canvas

When Pam sent me an email, last month, inquiring about
the possibilities for this commission, I was thrilled!
It was a request for the portrait of a beautiful Bengali bride...
Pam wanted me to do a portrait of Runa, her boyfriend Jake's sister,
who recently got married in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The photograph where Runa wears the flower head-piece is
from the traditional 'blessing ceremony'
(notice the slight hint of turmeric on Runa's forehead,
something I tried to retain in the painting.....)
Here are a couple of close-ups for the details:
We were discussing possibilities and preferences so far as a bird in the background is concerned.
We finally agreed upon the peacock ....its magnificent plumage adds to the portrait,
a sense of joy and celebration, don't you think?

Click on the images to view bigger!


Mahnita said...

this is the first time I've seen your art work, and I loved them, they are so cheerful and got some blues in them at the same time. lovely!

Anonymous said...

Wow, so royal and rich! Truly beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Dee this work is just sublime, there is such a gentleness to it. I really love it, the colours, the serenity...what a beautiful painting. The bride will love it!
Love to you and your husband :)

yams said...

wow. i stumbled across your blog and LOVE your art, style, colors & feelings with all your work. very inspiring. i'm in sweden, are u in switz. as i seemed to have picked up?

paint on! :)

pRiyA said...

i am completely blown by the sheer amount of detailing that you've put in. how long did it take for you to do this picture?

Dithi said...

Manhita: welcome and thank you!

Julie-ann: thank you!

SM: what can i say, I think it was her photograph that guided me, it is special indeed.

Yams: hello and welcome! You are right, at the moment I am in Geneva...any plans of visiting the Swiss Alps this summer?!

Priya:I did this one over a week I guess, I did not have the luxury of working on it at a stretch. The detailing did not take much time as I had already worked on an equally elaborate sketch right before I started the painting (see the 'give-away' post). Thank you :)

Parv Kaushik said...

when i get a job and earn a lot of money and marry my gf! i knw wht i hav to do! i hope you get it!!

plzz dnt keep the rates too high! for your blog readers! :)

nolaa gallery said...

dee! this is GORGEOUS! so lush, rich and sexy if I do say so!


uau!!! i loved this paint.. so beutiful and strong. you are amazing!

Vishwanath Seshadri said...

Dear Dee,

I have no words to express my deep appreciation for the quality of your painting.. I am not sure whether the original bride or your painting is more beautiful - they both are !!



Dithi said...

Parv, will keep that in mind :)! That is sweet :)!

Jenny, how are you? looooong time, missed you :(

Daiane, thanks!

Vish, thank you!!

Zaara said...

This is so absoultely breathtaking!!!!!I simply adore the colors!

Rupa said...

You have done great justice to the beauty of the bride! Your paintings are always so cheerful, colorful and jump out of the canvas - in a good way! This one I think is definitely my all time fav (till your next masterpiece comes out lol!). One lucky bride to have your artwork commissioned just for her special day!

Dithi said...

Rupa, what can I say, I love reading your comments....!!! The commission was requested by her brother's girlfriend, Pam - a wonderful person. Runa got married some time back in Dhaka.

giardigno65 said...

beautiful and poetic work

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