Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Sketch for a commission: Maa Lokkhi

This is the sketch I did some days back for a commission
that I am working on right now.
Medium: Pencil of watercolour paper
Size: 33 cm x 41 cm
To see an enlarged version, click here
(*this piece is not for sale*)
It is not complete but I have moved on to the painting
as I am seriously behind schedule :((

I am adding details to the painting and the process
is in its turn, is teaching me to be patient,
at least for the time-being.
So much for now....


Doodleduck said...

Even the sketches are so beautiful.......looking fwd to the finished wrk...:-)

Parv Kaushik said...

lemme earn i'll buy soo many of your paintings.. you'll alwez be behind schedule!!! lolzzzz

this was bful!!

priti.lisa said...

Dee, it's Lisa! I have been having such a hard time getting on your site :( maybe it's my connection. Nevermind, I got here toight with no problem! I can't wait for the painting, although the sketches are art in themselves. If you would sign your sketches, you could sell them, I'm sure!
Love and Peace and everything sweet you deserve...Lisa

Dithi said...

Doodleduck: almost there, will post in a day or two.

Parv: :)!! !

Lisa: Sorry to hear that Lisa, may be it is because I have so many widgets and slides, etc, may be I should take some off. I had the same problem myself.

I have been getting quite a few requests for the sketches, will take it to my print shop and see how the prints look. I will post on my blog if I am happy with the products and list on Etsy.

Anil P said...

Quite a task to get your blog to open, had lot of difficulty. I wonder if it is the widgets.

Your work is magical, the renderings of parakeets among the leaves particularly so.

I like the way the colours come together. And yes, your blog header is rivetting.

Dithi said...

Anil: I have removed some widgets as I think those are making the blog heavy and difficult to load. Hope it is now better, would you let me know if the problem persists?

Thank you for the feedback, thanks indeed!

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