Thursday, 3 September 2009

Durga puja preparations

Durga Puja joy!
Preparations for Durga puja here in Geneva are underway.
Having been asked to help in designing the puja mantle this year,
I am excited about the possibilities!
This is a sneak peek into our decor elements, some of 'em,
we have handcrafted each piece from the scratch.
Hours of work but loads of fun.
We talk about everything from mouth-watering Bengali recipes
to the nuances of French grammar, me and a friend as we sit together with
the heavy-duty cut-fold-pleat-paste operation!!!!!
On the weekends, everybody else joins in.
It is this month-long team work that brings people together and
these are the memories that stay with us even after the puja is over.

The Durga Maa painting that I was working on all of last month is complete.
You may have seen the sketch in one of my previous post.
It is a bigger piece, 60cm x 80cm and I can't wait to take some snaps and post here.
It has been raining all of this week in Geneva and
I have to wait for a bright day and the correct light for my next post.
Hopefully, soon!

Next three weeks are going to be completely dedicated to the Durga Puja work,
but I will try to keep you updated with snaps from our team at work.
Much love.


priti.lisa said...

Hi Dee!
Nice to hear from you!
Your work is always so colorful and rich looking. You are one of a kind, for sure. I can't wait for the big reveal...
Love to you, Lisa

Fernanda R. Lima said...

Namaste Dee! It's been a while... This is fantastic, can't wait to see the real deal!

Jay Ma Durga!

Peace & Love


Travel Destination said...

Wow grate, really nice picture.

Debasish Datta

Travel Destination said...

Hurry up!!
Special Puja Air Ticket.

Lakshmi -Celebrations said...

very lovely diti.pretty decorations.

Sangitha said...

Hi dithi,
Iam a great admirer of your work.really your paintings are one ofa kind.what is fantastic is your depiction of the women in your paintings.Durga maa is going to be real happy!! I can assure u that!
All the best

Vishwanath Seshadri said...

Like everyone else, I am also quite keenly awaiting your next post and the picture of Durga Ma..

Here is wishing you good luck with the preparation for the puja..


megha punater said...

wow looks fabulous :)

pRiyA said...

totally amazing. vibrant! i really want to see more.

Parv Kaushik said...

lovely work!!! stunning!! best of luck with your durga preprations!! keep it up!!

p.s. blog more frequently!!

Tanima said...

Just beautiful! How big is the community in Geneva?

Here in Ottawa we have about 150 families, which makes for a more intimate puja, which I love! We have only one puja for the whole city, unlike other cities where there are at least 3 pujas.

I'm also getting prepared for the puja, we are holding ours on the 26th of September. Can't wait, it's my favourite time of year!

Anonymous said...

The painting is so rich and vibrant!

Dithi said...

Thank you all!! Yes, I know that it has been quite a lapse in posting. Tanima: This is going to be my first year attending the Puja here. So, I shall only know on the day of the Puja the nature and size of attendance. Last year, we heard, there were about 120 visitors and members attending. This year, as the puja will be on weekends, the numbers are expected to be higher.We will be celebrating the 26th and the 27th. There is only one Durga puja here.

Sudeshna said...

Awesome piece of art :). Those kalka looking superb

Rupa said...

Dee, glad to see a new post :) The decorations are beautiful. Are they just decorative or do you put haldi/kumkum in them like many of us do? Just curious...
I love getting ready for festivals. I celebrate Dasara here in US and according to South Indian tradition, I keep 4-5 steps full of dolls incl. dolls that are represent Maharaja/rani all elaborately decorated. I am trying new Rangoli desings...can't wait to see you pics of your puja and decorations!

S said...

I am keen to attend the Puja. Where will it be held? Thanks,

Dithi said...

Sudeshna: Thank you, I am a big fan of the 'Kalka'!!

Rupa: No we did not apply kumkum or haldi, this is done more from a decorative p-o-v really.

S: The Durga puja will be held on the 26th and 27th, at the Vedantic Centre, Geneva. Here is the website, you can call and get the details:

If any problem finding the contacts, email me at :)

jayashree said...


Very nice work indeed.... so colourful and lively.

Will love to see your work at Geneva this Pujo. Can you pls tell me the timings? I will be there from Poland just for Pujo!


Dithi said...

Jayashree: Durga Puja is celebrated every year at Centre Vedantique in Geneva. This year, we will be celebrating on one day only, Ashtami, the 15th of Oct. Zurich celebrates Durga Puja on a grand scale (all four days), in case you want to visit them too. I'll be there at the Geneva puja on the 15th and in Zurich on the 16th and 17th with friends. Feel free to email me if anything.

ragingbull001 said...

Hi Dithi,

Its a pleasure to find the flavor or Durga puja outside Kolkata, especially India. I am living in Lyon with my wife and amazingly there is no trace of a Bangali community here. I was looking forward to attend the Puja in Geneva. Are they going to celebrate it this year also ? Would love to hear about it and meet you people during Durgotsob.


Dithi said...

Shubhabrata, hi! I am going to be in Kolkata this year during pujo. There is a pujo in Geneva every year at the Ramkrishna Mission/Centre Vedantique: Please call and find out this year's pgm.

Also, there is a pujo in Zurich which is more intensive and once you step in - there is no telling you are not in Kol. This is the website:

Try and visit both but keep a couple of days for Zurich.

Email me your name, address and I'll try to have an invitation card posted to you - if possible.

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