Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Puja preparations

A 'Chandmala' is an indispensable element in Durga Puja.
They adorn the Goddess during the festivities and are hung from the deity's hands.
The design consists of three circular disc-like colorful pieces strung together and
finished with pompoms at the end.
Traditional Chaandmalas always have a white outer rim and
a generous splash of silver and gold work!

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The 'Shankha' or conch-shells are used for 'Mangal-dhwani' or 'auspicious-sounds'
during the puja.

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The 'Mangal-ghot' or the pot with the coconut on top adorned with mango leaves
is a must-have on almost every puja or festival in India.

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I have used all the auspicious Hindu symbols
traditionally used in the puja mandap.
I am posting in a bit of a hurry, this is the last week of decoration and
everything needs to be in place by this week-end.
Wish me luck!


Rupa said...

Beautiful decorations! I hope to see pics of the puja/festivities with all the decorations. We have been lucky to get real mango leaves in the US lately....feels like home.

Anonymous said...

I like the mango leaves. Is that paper glued to a wire?

It'll look beautiful when everthing comes together against the Durga idol. Do take lots of pictures.


Dithi said...

Rupa: We do get mango leaves here too, these are only used for the decoration of the mantle-piece as the work of installation starts a month before and they have to last till the Puja is over!

Nivedita: That is paper indeed, I glued in bamboo skewers to make the veins. I will post lots of pics!!

Vishwanath Seshadri said...

What a pleasure it is to visit your blogspot and see all the colurful paintings... Vibrant and gorgeous...

Rupa said...

Oh, I see! Your mango leaves definitely are very authentic looking! Looking forward to more of your pics. Happy Navaratri!

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