Monday, 16 November 2009

For you Maa......

Sketches for the two commissions that I am working on now......Maa-meye (mother-daughter)
''Maa-meye'' (which in Bengali means Mother -daughter)
Mixed media on paper, 30cm x 50cm

Here is a close-up of little birdie:

The second sketch is also a mother-child portrait:
Maa Annapura
Goddess Annapurna feeding rice to baby Shiva,
Mixed media on paper, 28cm x 42cm.
These two sketches are *not for sale*,
they will stay with moi in my home-studio :)

It is my mom's birthday today:)
I wish I could fly back to her to plant this kiss in person,
she will have to make do with this for now

Here is one of my favourite photos of her, just for my readers :)!!
This was taken by Baba (dad) on their honey-moon, on a Shikara in Kashmir.

Love you Maa
Happy birthday!


Nirja said...

Lovely photo of your mother and you look pure gorgeous in the bengali outfit, I had always loved the red bindi and the white and read bangles...will surely own then some day =)


priti.lisa said...

Hi Dee!
Beauty runs in your family! Happy Birthday to the queen :)
xox, Lisa

pRiyA said...

Your mother is a very beautiful woman. I can see the resemblance.

Veda Murthy said...

simply brilliant dee!happy birthday 2 ur mom!

Dithi said...

Nirja: thank you and all the best with your red n white bangle collection, we call them 'Shaankha' (the white one, meaning conch-shell as that is what they are carved out of) and 'Pola' (the red one meaning coral, which is again the material used to make them). These are traditional bangles used as signs of marriage :)!

Lisa: thank you for your kind comments, will pass on your wishes to Maa.

Priya: do you? I have grown up hearing that none of us (three sisters) managed to get Maa's features, hahahaha!!

Veda: thanks, will wish Maa on your behalf as well!

Lakshmi -Celebrations said...

dithi,Lakshmi here.Wish Maa on my behalf.Mom looks pretty,dithi.I think all moms look pretty,isnt it?Thsi reminds me of my mom.she looks really pretty.Ur face structure resembles of ur mom.And by the way ur a beauty in ur own way.ur new picture in red sari looks gorgeous.Even i would love to own the bangles one day ..

anita said...

Hi Dithi,

I happened to land in ur blog thru Nithya's artnlight...from that i am going thru ur blog daily n am religiously following this :)

wen am donw wid all the posts of urs ,i was eagerly waiting for the next post..and wow today i got one...

Been married recently n away from home land, i was really upset wid my loneliness...and ur blog was so soothing to me n i got inspired..Thanks :)

between ur Ma looks cute n belated wishes ...


Arch at Rang said...

What a beautiful dedication and the photograph is amazing:-)

Best wishes to your Maa.


vineeta said...

What a talented girl you are really. I'd give anything to draw and paint the way you do. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the drawing you did of 'mother-daughter' & the Ma Anna purna & baby Shiva.
And what a beautiful gift to post this pianting on your mom's b'day. She must be so proud of you. I *Loved* both the pics - with you & her & especially the one with her as a beautiful young girl that she was. Thank you for sharing this with all of us.

JLBO said...

Gorgeous ! (and a moving tribute to your Mom !)

Dithi said...

Hi Lakshmi! Thanks for the wishes, and all the best with your bangle acquisitions!

Anita: When I came to Geneva with my hubby, it was difficult, lonely as well. We gradually found our friends, our favourite places to hang out in, nice cafés etc. In fact, I started blogging after coming here. So, good things may come out of every experience, even through an experience of difficulties and struggle. I do hope 'your' favourite ppl and things where you are now, soon.

Archana: Thank you!

Vineeta: Thank you, I am excited and looking forward to relishing your artistic ventures and now-more-frequent blog-posts :)!

Patricia Torres said...

What a beautiful thought... so amazingly put together.. Happy Birthday to your mom...

jeronimus said...

I love your paintings! Nice blog too. Only thing is, it takes ages to load. Can I suggest you follow the blogger hints for speeding up your blog, such as reducing the size of images and displaying fewer posts on the home page. Maybe less gadgets too. I hope you don;t mind the comment. It would be a shame if people with slow connections missed out on your beautiful art.

Dithi said...

JLBO: Thanks!

Patricia: Thanks, have passed on the wishes too!

Jeronimus: Yes, a high-speed connection really helps, I have removed some more gadgets, hope that helps, even if slightly. Thanks for the feedback.

Sreetama said...

Hi Dithi,

I can't remember how I stumbled onto your blog, and although I potter around the virtual world a lot, I seldom feel the need to reach out to people behind blogs.
Your art is absolutely beautiful. I dabble a little with paints and crayons and I tried a painting of yours, but I couldn't manage to make it half as beautiful. How did self teach?! Most of the time I have no idea what materials are out there, what kind of supplies I can or should use to achieve what I have in mind. Will it be too much to ask for pointers on how I could learn a little bit more about creating textures or books I can read, etc? I have a dead boring corporate day job and this would just make my life infinitely more enjoyable.
You are awesome! And you're really pretty too! Next time you are in Kolkata, try the masala chai at Dollys in Dakshinapan (if you haven't tried it already, that is).

Rupa said...

I was away in India for 5 weeks and hadn't visited your blog till now. Beautiful picture of your mom (and yourself), pls give her my very best wishes for her b'day! I bet she doesn't know that she and her daughter both have fans around the world :) The new drawing is beautiful. The thought of Annapoorna feeding baby Shiva...oh that just sounds so divine (literally). Looking forward to painted pic.

Dithi said...

Hi Sreetama! Hello and welcome to you, must say that I am glad that you found my blog, which is why I read such a wonderful comment. I use acrylic paints on canvas for all my paintings. Acrylics are easier to work with as they dry fast and one can work faster as opposed to oils which take a lot of time to dry. You can buy some books, I do books here in Geneva that are all in French so those names would not help.

If you are into textures and stuff, you can try by Nancy Reyner, I don't use it myself but I know some artists who do. Also, for beginners, youtube can have some useful videos as well, try looking for tutorials.

All the very best with your painting and keep me posted and let me know if this info helped. Dolly's is a favourite, I was there with my family last year when I visited India and Dolly is such a sweet lady and gave sweet-treats to my little niece!

Dithi said...

Rupa, Hi! I missed you :( Hope you had a great trip, I can't wait to take a holiday and go home myself. I will most definitely pass your darling message to Maa, good to have you back.

ruthie said...

what a beautiful lady your mom looks! i do love the details you put into your paintings, wonderful work. i shall look forward to seeing them finished.

Madhavi Madhurakavi said...

wow-Mata Annapoorna feeding baby Shiva--utterly divine-You are blessed with talent....

Upasana said...

Beautiful work mam......Very Inspiring. Keep rolling..:)..good luck.

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